Dr. Michael Joyner is a giant in the world of human performance. He's a Mayo Clinic anesthesiologist and exercise physiologist. He knows a lot about moving and how your body responds to it.

He says exercise results in a myriad of benefits for mind and body.

"In almost all circumstances, exercise makes your blood vessels healthier," says Joyner. "Exercise also helps the nerves that control your heart and breathing work better, and that helps protect you against arrhythmia. Exercise has potent anti-diabetic effects."

And he says exercise also has many beneficial psychological effects, including boosting mood and reducing symptoms of depression.

A study in the journal Current Biology shows that for people with obesity, exercise reduces the amount of calories burned while at rest, making it tougher to lose weight. Not fair. But Joyner encourages people to continue exercising, because the benefits to mind and body go way beyond burning calories.

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