Superior Speedway Hall of Fame adds 6

Six new members of the Superior Speedway Hall of Fame were inducted Friday night at the speedway. The hall of fame is the brainchild of unofficial track historian Duane "Andy" Anderson of Superior. He thought, since the speedway was on the eve of...

Six new members of the Superior Speedway Hall of Fame were inducted Friday night at the speedway. The hall of fame is the brainchild of unofficial track historian Duane "Andy" Anderson of Superior. He thought, since the speedway was on the eve of its 40th consecutive season of operation, a hall of fame would be a good way to perpetuate the history of the facility.

Since its inception, 27 members have been inducted into the hall of fame in three categories: retired drivers, pioneer/achievement and active driver.

A reception and dinner was held for the inductees and their guests at the curling club on the Head of the Lakes Fairgrounds. After the reception, inductees rode around the track during the national anthems and then were introduced to the crowd and presented with crystal trophies as individual and group photos were taken.

For 2008 the inductees in the retired driver category were Rick Popovich, John Omundson and Steve Roseen. In the pioneer/achievement category Jerry O'Brien and Les Olson were inducted, and the active driver was Dave Morgan. The nominees were voted into the Hall of Fame solely on their achievements at the Superior Speedway, though all the drivers had storied careers that encompassed numerous race tracks in the area.

Steve Laursen led the final laps of the 25-lap late model feature race to get the win, Friday night at the Superior Speedway.


Laursen raced to third with 15 laps to go as the first caution flag appeared when Bob Slater and Bob Broking tangled in the first turn. At the green flag Laursen went to the top shelf and attempted to take over the lead, but Tom Nesbitt was able to stave of the charge. Laursen would not be denied and took over the lead with 13 laps remaining. Pat Doar was charging forward and battled with Don Copp and Harry Hanson. Copp moved to third and made a run on Nesbitt for second, taking the position, but had nothing for Laursen who cruised to the dominating win. Doar got by Nesbitt for third and Hanson held off Jake Redetzke for fifth.

Kevin Monteith claimed his first feature victory of the year by winning the Midwest modifieds from the pole, and Duane Dale won the modifieds feature.

Friday's Results

WISSOTA Late Models

Feature: Laursen, Copp, Doar, Nesbitt, Hanson, Redetzke, Nelson, Kaanta, Peterlin, Gehl, Hill, Cryderman, Waseleski, Jorgenson, Jensen, McMann, Olson, Lillo, Slater, Provinzino, Budisalvoich, Estey, Broking, Emerson.

B-feature: J. Jensen, Broking, Cryderman, Olson, Slater, Sorenson, A. Lillo.

Make Up Feature: J. Jensen, Nelson, Copp, Hanson, Estey, Hill, Gehl, McMann, Broking, Slater, Olson, Emerson, B. Jensen, Waseleski, T. Lillo, Waseleski Jr., Budisalovich, A. Lillo.

Heat 1: Pat Doar, Tom Nesbitt, Steve Laursen, Kyle Peterlin, John Kaanta, Todd Gehl, Joey Jensen, Joel Cryderman, Chris Olson.


Heat 2: Don Copp, Kelly Estey, Jeff Provinzino, Gregg Hill, Tim McMann, Cory Jorgensen, Matt Sorenson, Tommy Waseleski Jr., Aaron Lillo.

Heat 3: Darrell Nelson, Harry Hanson, Jake Redetzke, Travis Budisalovich, Tom Waseleski, Caley Emerson, Jeff Broking, Bob Slater, Brandon Jensen

WISSOTA Modifieds

Feature: Dale, Estey, Doar, Lofthus, Nelson, Aho, Uotinen, Bellefeuille, Copp, Hudack, Rivord, Lavasseur, Byholm, Checkalski, Lavato, Carlson, Jensen, Kreyer, Lautigar.

Heat 1: Ryan Aho, Darrell Nelson, Joey Jensen, Pat Doar, Rick Rivord, Nick Lavato, Scott Hudack, Kelly Checkalski, Al Uotinen.

Heat 2: Duane Dale, Kelly Estey, Rich Lofthus, Jodi Bellefeuille, Don Copp, Steve Lavasseur, Bill Byholm, Shaun Kreyer, Jayme Lautigar.

WISSOTA Super Stocks

Feature: Oliver, Bellefeuille, Gangl, Flynn, Lawrence, Tardy, Johnson, Kisling, Hartel, Kern, Grymala, Treviranus, Lorimor, Weber, Campbell, Peterson, Thiesse, Malecki, Long, Lofdahl, Christman, Urseth, Wilson.


B-feature: Nelson, Thiesse, Peterson, Malecki, Urseth, Christman, Cooper, Rivord Jr., Milinkovich.

Heat 1: Joe Oliver, Mike Bellefeuille, Jeff Tardy, Tom Treviranus, Adam Long, Jim Campbell, Erick Thiesse, Ronnie Malecki, Steve Christman.

Heat 2: Scott Lawrence, Shane Kisling, Tim Johnson, Donnie Lofdahl, Destin Lorimor, Keith Kern, Eric Nelson, Jim Urseth, Robbie Cooper.

Heat 3: Dave Flynn, Dale Gangl, Alan Hartel, Andy Grymala, Steve Weber, Trevor Wilson, Rick Peterson, Rick Milinkovich.

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

Feature: Monteith, Stuart, Chesley, Archer, Ogston, Solem, Silverness Jr., Vezina, VanHouse, Russell, Latvala, Herrick, Larson, Estey, Anderson, Thomas, Rivord, Cook, Preston, Kingsley, Pohjonen, Brouse, Peterson, Hessler.

B-feature: Kingsley, Rivord, Russell, Estey, Inman, Koehler, Roy, S. VanHouse, Southworth, Olson, Doran, Kisling, Dammer.

Heat 1: Randy Silverness Jr., Jeff Pohjonen, Adam Archer, Randy Vezina, Deven VanHouse, Shaun Rivord, Skeeter Estey, Shane Kisling, Joe Olson.


Heat 2: Kevin Monteith, Scott Herrick, Bill Brouse, Mike Preston, Jeff Peterson, Grant Southworth, Glenn Dammer.

Heat 3: Greg Chesley, Steve Stuart, Brad Anderson, Jesse Ogston, Bryan Hessler, Shane Roy, Steve VanHouse, Andrew Inman.

Heat 4: Jimmy Latvala, Lance Solem, Clint Larson, Mark Thomas, Pat Cook, Dan Kingsley, Dan Russell, Dan Doran.

Northern Vintage Stock Cars

Feature: Lepinki, Bethke, Olson, Lepper, Shields, Bjorklund, Kelly, Lipsky.

Heat 1: Dennis Olson, Butch Bethke, Dave Lepper, Keith Lepinski, George Shields, Kevin Lipsky, Mike Bjorklund, Mike Kelly.

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