Superior All-Stars take on Duluth counterparts Sunday

The Superior Bowling Association recently held its qualifying for the Duluth-Superior All-Star and Senior All-Star matches, which will take place at 1 p.m. Sunday at Stadium Lanes in West Duluth.

The Superior Bowling Association recently held its qualifying for the Duluth-Superior All-Star and Senior All-Star matches, which will take place at 1 p.m. Sunday at Stadium Lanes in West Duluth.

Fifty-three bowlers bowled 10 games trying to qualify for the All-Stars, while the seniors bowled a six-game qualifier. The top five of both, and one alternate, will now face Duluth on Sunday.

The Superior Men's All-Star team consists of Mitch Levy, Tom Ojanen, Joe Marciniak, Brian Wallin and Pat Erickson with Todd Sorenson serving as the alternate.

Erickson is the veteran, having been a part of 11 All-Star matches with Duluth. Ojanen has participated in 10 and Marciniak eight, including eight with Duluth.

The Superior Senior Stars are Tim Bergren, Gordy Thoreson, Dennis "Smutz" Symonowicz, Mike Field and Lee Tanula with the alternate being Roger Christianson.


Thoreson leads the way in All-Star appearances with six and Bergren had five. The other four are all playing in their first Senior All-Star matches.

Following are bios on members of both teams:

Men's All-Stars

Mitch Levy

The 49-year-old Levy has been married 27 years, 11 months to Cindy. Their children are Brian and Davjna, and they also have two granddaughters.

The sheet metal worker has been bowling for 38 years with three 100 games, one 299, one 298 and three 800 series.

Besides winning the 2007 Superior all-events title, he bowls in two leagues with a 219 high league average. This is his third time as an All-Star.

Pat Erickson


The 40-year-old engineer for Burlington Northern-Santa Fe Railroad, is a three-time Superbowl champion and four-time runner-up.

He also joined with Ken Lisdahl to win the city doubles title to go along with one CBA title, two Subway titles and an Amoco title.

Erickson and his wife, Lyn, have been married for 11 years and have two children, Andrew and Brianna.

He has also bowled 20 300 games, 12 299 games, one 298 game and 10 800 series. He currently bowls in three leagues with averages of 227, 228 and 214.

Tom Ojanen

Ojanen is 28 years old and has been bowling for 20 years. He currently bowls in the Landmark Commercial league with a 225 average.

He is a 10-time All-Star and has bowled 11 300 games, nine 299 games and an 824 series.

One of his many tournament titles was winning the Subway Championship.


Joe Marciniak

Marciniak, 44, and his wife, Dana, have been married 15 years. The electrician has been bowling for 27 years, has bowled 14 300 games, six 299 games and one 298 game. He has also turned in four 800 series, was a member of a city tournament championship team and the 2001 Subway champion.

Marciniak currently bowls in three leagues with a high average of 229. He has bowled in eight All-Star events, including two for Superior.

Brian Wallin

The 29-year-old employee of United Health Care has bowled on two All-Star teams and is a past City Tournament singles and doubles champion.

Wallin currently bowls in two leagues with a 218 average in the All Parish League at Village Lanes. He has eight 300 games to his credit, along with five 299 games (including one in the roll offs), two 298 games and and 804 series.

Wallin and his wife, Carrie, have been married for five years and have two children, Alec and Stephanie.

Todd Sorenson

The 29-year-old auto body technician has been bowling for 23 years with 10 300 games, one 299 game, one 298 game and five 800 series to his credit.

The five-time All-Star, currently bowls in three leagues with a high average of 299.

Sorenson, this year's alternate, has been married to Melanie for 41?2 years and the two have a daughter, Abigail.

Senior Team

Gordy Thoreson

Thoreson, 64, a retired Duluth Firefighter, has three sons, David, Bryan and John, and four grandchildren.

He has bowled on six All-Star teams, has three 300 games and four 299 games to his credit, and a high series of 786.

Thoreson currently bowls in four leagues with high averages of 214 and 204.

Lee Tanula

The 55-year-old Tanula is making his first All-Star appearance with one 300 game to his credit. He has been bowling for 20 years and is currently bowling in three leagues with a high average of 214.

Tanula, a welding foreman at Fraser Shipyards, has been married to Max for 34 years with two children, Derek and Debbie, and one grandson.

Roger Christianson

The 57-year-old Burlington Northern-Santa Fe railroad worker is also bowling on his first Senior All-Star team. He has six 300 games, three 299 games, three 298 games and four 800 series. He's also a two-time Mixed Team champion, two-time Super All-Events champion and is a member of the SBA Hall of Fame.

Christianson has been married for 32 years to Jan and they have two children, Kevin and Stacey, and one grandson, Kasey.

Dennis Symonowicz

The 55-year-old known by most as "Smutz" has been happily married for 17 years to Jeannie.

The utility locator for Superior Water, Light and Power Co. and his wife have three children, Jesse, Spencer and Sterling.

"Smutz" has been bowling for 30 years and this winter is bowling in the Waterfront League with a 222 average. This was the first year he was eligible to qualify for the senior team.

Mike Field

The retired 60-year-old has been bowling for 55 years and has one 299 game and a number of 755 series to his credit. One accomplishment he is proud of is finishing last in the Shack Superbowl. Field, who has been married to Kathy for 40 years and has one son, Pat, currently bowls in two leagues with a high average of 206.

Tim Bergren

The 59-year-old Landmark Pro Shop employee has bowled five 300 games and is making his fifth All-Star team appearance.

Bergren has been married to Jodie for 33 years and they have one son, T.J. Bergren has been bowling for 49 years and is currently in three leagues with a high average of 220.

Qualifying Averages

All-Star Team

Mitch Levy, 248; Tom Ojanen, 238; Joe Marciniak, 237; Brian Wallin, 237; Pat Erickson, 235; Todd Sorenson, 234.

Senior Team

Tim Bergren, 222; Gordy Thoreson, 221; Dennis "Smutz" Symonowicz, 218; Mike Field, 217; Lee Tanula, 215; Roger Christianson, 211.

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