Lake Superior continued its long, slow move to lower, more normal water levels in July and, as of Aug. 1, was only 1.2 inches higher than the 102-year average for this time of year.

The International Lake Superior Board of Control reports that continued dry conditions, including drought conditions in Northeastern Minnesota, saw the lake make a highly unusual decline in July, dropping nearly a half-inch in a month that it averages a 2-inch rise.

Many Lake Superior tributary streams have slowed to a trickle, reducing water supply to the big lake, and warmer temperatures spur more evaporation.

Lake Superior now sits 9.1 inches below the Aug. 1, 2020, level and 12.2 inches below the record-high Aug. 1, 2019 level.

Meanwhile, lakes Huron-Michigan have seen wetter weather, with the lakes rising 1.6 inches in July, a month they usually rise about a half-inch. The lakes now sit 16.5 inches below the Aug. 1, 2020, level, but are still 16.9 inches above average.