Nelson, Nelson, Flynn, Estey and Larsen win at Superior Speedway

It was meet the drivers night Friday night at the Superior Speedway and a great crowd showed up to meet the drivers and they were treated to a great night of racing.

It was meet the drivers night Friday night at the Superior Speedway and a great crowd showed up to meet the drivers and they were treated to a great night of racing.

The Late Model feature was Rick Hanestad's race as he started on the poll and it looked like he would notch his first feature win of the year at the Superior Speedway until Darrell Nelson reeled him in on the final lap and made the pass on the back stretch and held off Hanestad on turns three and four to pick up his first Late Model feature win in Superior in 2009.

Harry Hanson who won his heat race finished in third with Todd Gehl finishing fouth and Tim McMann fifth.

Don Copp of Brule extended his consecutive laps completed to 282 and Nelson extended his streak to 152.

The Modified feature race was probably the most exciting feature of the night with a great battle up front among some of the top drivers in the area. It was Darrell Nelson from Hermantown who passed Jason Miller on the final corner to pull off the win.


Al Uotinen got tangled up and dropped a drive shaft after leading the first leg of the race.

On the restart Kelly Estey jumped from the third row into the lead but it wouldn't hold as on the same lap Destin Lorimor and Rick Rivord got tied together between turns three and four and Rivord's car ended up on its side so the line-up reverted back to the last completed lap and this time on the restart Miller and Nelson held Estey off for the rest of the race.

Nelson extended his consecutive lap streak to an unbelievable 375 laps and he has finished in the top five in the last nine feature races he has raced in at the Superior Speedway.

It was Dave Flynn's night in the Super Stocks as he completed the sweep by winning his heat and the feature.

Flynn started on the outside for row two but made a great move in turns one and two and by the backstretch on lap one had the lead and never looked back and made it look easy and won in convincing fashion. Flynn was followed by Scott Lawrence and Keith Kern.

Joe Oliver left the race after 11 laps to see his consecutive lap streak end at 230. But Lawrence extended his consecutive lap streak to 166 and has finished in the top 10 in his last 10 races in Superior.

In the Midwest Modified feature race Skeeter Estey from Kelly Lake started on the outside poll and jumped to the lead by the back stretch on the 1st lap and never looked back cruising to his first feature win of the season at the Superior Speedway and his 2nd this season.

Estey was followed by Randy Silverness Jr. from Superior and Jeremy Houle from Forest Lake, who won the feature on the opening night of the season.


In the race Silverness extended his consecutive laps completed streak to 167 and extended his streak to 11 straight top 10 finishes in feature races at the Superior Speedway.

The Pure Stock feature had more cars not finish the race than cross the finish line with 23 cars starting but only 11 cars finish the 14 lap race.

It was Dan Larsen from Hermantown's night though as he went to victory lane at the Superior Speedway for the first time.

Larsen started on the outside of row two and was in the lead by lap three but he had to wait to finish as all the action was behind him as only one lap after Larsen took the lead Dustin Follett got tangled up with Chad Carlson coming out of turn number four and Follett couldn't regain control of his car and flipped it completely over landing the car back on it's wheels in front of the front stretch grandstand.

Follett would leave the race as would Zene Anderson who couldn't avoid Follett and slammed into his car. Six laps later Rick Cornelison going for a pass on turns three and four found himself with his car on it's roof which delayed Larsen's win even longer.

Larsen would hold off Paul Gucinski from Britt for the final four laps and the win. Larsen did extend his consecutive feature lap streak to 76.

Pat VanErt finished in third extending his consecutive lap streak to 160. VanErt also extended his top 10 finishes to 13 straight feature races at the Superior Speedway.

It was also figured out that with his feature win on May 20, Pat VanErt won his fifth Pure Stock feature race to become the all-time leader in feature wins in the Pure Stock division.


Next Friday at the Superior Speedway it is the JW Zembo Super Stock Classic with hotlaps starting at 6:30 p.m. and racing at 7.


HEAT RACE #1: (8 Laps) Harry Hanson(Eveleth), John Henkemeyer(Sauk Rapids), Don Copp(Brule), Caley Emerson(Wyoming) DNF: Adam Hensel(Barron), T.J. Adams(Hayward).

HEAT RACE #2: (8 Laps) Rick Hanestad(Boyceville), Brent Larson(Lake Elmo), Darrell Nelson(Hermantown), Tim McMann(Duluth), Travis Budisalvoich(Cottage Grove), Greg Hill(Eveleth).

FEATURE RACE: (22 Laps) Nelson, Hanestad, Hanson, Gehl, McMann, Larson, Copp, Budisalovich, Hill. DNF: Henkemeyer, Hensel, Adams, Meeds.


HEAT RACE #1: (8 Laps) Al Uotinen(Superior), Jason Miller(Osceola), Kelly Estey(Kelly Lake), Scott Hudack(Ashland), Ryan Aho(Chisholm), Jody Bellefeuille(Duluth), Destin Lorimor(Superior)

HEAT RACE #2: (8 Laps) Darrell Nelson(Hermantown), Dean Yrjanainen(Lake Nebagamon), Greg Chesley(Duluth), Kelly Checkalski(Poplar), Bill Byholm(Glidden), Jad Carlson(Duluth), Rick Rivord(Superior), Nick Lavato(Proctor)


FEATURE RACE: (20 Laps)Nelson, Miller, Estey, Yrjanainen, Hudack, Bellefeuille, Chesley, Aho, Checkalski, Byholm, Lavato, Lautigar. DNF: Lorimor, Rivord, Uotinen, Jad Carlson.


HEAT RACE #1: (8 Laps) Joe Oliver(Superior), Scott Lawrence(Superior), Steve Rivord Jr.(Superior), Tom Cornelison Jr.(Holyoke). DNF: Ronnie Malecki(Sueprior), Donnie Lofdahl(Proctor), Paul Orloski(Sueprior)

HEAT RACE #2: (8 Laps)Dave Flynn(Superior), Tom Treviranus(Hawthorne), Keith Kern(Superior), Mike Bellefeuille(Duluth), Willie Johnsen Jr. (Superior), Trevor Wilson(Superior), Jim Campbell(Two Harbors)

FEATURE RACE: (18 Laps)Flynn, Lawrence, Kern, Cambell, Bellefeuille, Wilson, Treviranus, Johnsen Jr., Malecki DNF: Oliver, Corneilison, Orloski. DNS: Lofdahl


HEAT RACE #1: (8 Laps) Steve Stuart(Ashland), Taylor Leuthner(Foxboro), Deven VanHouse(Silver Bay), Joe Olson(Superior), Jesse Ogston(Duluth), Lance Solem(Duluth), Dan Kingsley(Superior), Matt Johnson(Scanlon). DQ: Dan Russell(Foxboro)

HEAT RACE #2: (8 Laps) Skeeter Estey(Kelly Lake), Cody Wolkowski(Thunder Bay), Randy Silverness Jr.(Superior), Kevin Monteith(Thunder Bay), Scott Herrick(Proctor), Jim Latvala(Solon Springs), Pat Cook(Washburn), E.J. Hietala(Proctor). DNF: Shawn Rivord(Superior)


HEAT RACE #3: (8 Laps) John Henkemeyer(Sauk Rapids), Jeremy Houle(Forest Lake), Don Craig(Thunder Bay), Jeff Pohonen(Duluth), Adam Archer(Duluth), Cody Carlson(Superior), Brad Anderson(Duluth), Tim Baum(Superior).

FEATURE: (16 Laps) Estey, Silverness Jr., Houle, Stuart, VanHouse, Leuthner, Latvala, Henkemeyer, Herrick, Pohjonen, Monteith, Ogston, Olson, Russell, Hietala, Kingsley, Craig, Cook, Rivord, Solem, Cody Carlson, Baum DNF: Anderson, Wolkowski. DNS: Archer, Johnson


HEAT RACE #1: (6 Laps) Dan Larsen(Hermantown), Tasha Rapp(Saginaw), Jeff Christman(Superior), Travis Zembo(Superior), Matt Hammitt(Cloquet). DNF: Corey Lonetto(Duluth), Randy Lonetto(Iron River), Ashley Smith(South Range)

HEAT RACE #2: (6 Laps) Jim Cooper(Superior), Billy Brouse(Proctor), Paul Gucinski(Britt), Alex Hart(Poplar), Tim Ayers(Foxboro), Zene Anderson(Superior). DNF: Tim Carlson(Superior), Caitlyn Carlson(Superior)

HEAT RACE #3: (6 Laps)Chad Carlson(Superior), Austin Blom(Saginaw), Dustin Follett(Cloquet), Steve Christman(Superior), Pat Van Ert(Foxboro), Richard Dzelak Jr.(Superior). DNF: Rick Cornelison(Cloquet).

FEATURE RACE: (14 Laps)Dan Larsen, Gucinski, Van Ert, Chad Carlson, Blom, Smith, Jeff Christman, Rapp, Dzelak Jr., Hart, Caitlyn Carlson DNF: Zembo, Steve Christman, Brouse, Tim Carlson, Anderson, Cooper, Follett, Ayers, Rick Cornelison, Randy Lonetto, Hammitt. DNS: Corey Lonetto

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