Nelson double dips for pair of Mod mains in Superior

The second visit of the season by the Dart Late Model Challenge Series, along with a full program of WISSOTA Modifieds, Super Stocks and Superior Pure Stocks was on tap on Friday at the Superior Speedway and featured a total of 114 cars in four d...

The second visit of the season by the Dart Late Model Challenge Series, along with a full program of WISSOTA Modifieds, Super Stocks and Superior Pure Stocks was on tap on Friday at the Superior Speedway and featured a total of 114 cars in four divisions in the pits under bright and sunny skies.

The final make up feature from our July 11 rained out event was held Friday with Darrell Nelson picking up his first Modified feature win in Superior this season in his new BMS No. 44. Nelson started sixth on the field, but took the lead on lap three and drove off to the decisive victory. Seventh-starting Ryan Aho worked his way up to second and held off a charging Duane Dale for the runner up spot after the 20-lap event was completed.

Keith Kern and Shane Kisling sat on the front row for the Super Stock feature with rookie Kisling jumping into the early race lead. Kisling lead the first two circuits until Kern got turned around on the bottom of turn four, causing a caution with just two in the books.

On the restart, a four-wide scramble for second occurred between Mike Bellefeuille, Scott Lawrence, Jeff Tardy and Rick Simpson, but the battle was negated by a second caution flag, which set the lineup back to what it was on the restart before.

As the next green flag flew, Lawrence jumped back to the cushion and raced by Kisling for the race lead on the high side and survived a caution filled feature to win his second a-main in Superior this season. Kisling ran a season best second with Bellefeuille, Tardy and Oliver in the top five.


Pole sitter Jayme Lautigar took control of the Modified feature at the drop of the green and drove off into the night, while Darrell Nelson, Joey Jensen and Don Copp were waging a fierce battle for second. As Lautigar drove off, Nelson stole second on lap eight and began to track down the leader as Jayme was beginning to encounter lapped traffic. Nelson raced to the outside of Lautigar on lap 14, stole the lead and never looked back en route to his second feature win of the night. Lautigar ran second with Jensen, 15th starting Ryan Aho and Al Uotinen in the top five.

Steve Laursen and Challenge Series point leader Lance Matthees sat on the pole for the 40-lap $3,000 to win Late Model feature with Laursen driving off into the lead with AJ Diemel immediately moving on Matthees for second. Diemel took the second spot on lap two and quickly put pressure on Laursen for the top spot. The lead duo ran side by side for the lead for several laps early until a lap 6 caution flew for Todd Gehl, who had just slipped past Rick Hanestad into third.

On the lap 6 restart, Diemel and Laursen reassumed their battle for the lead and ran door to door for the next 12 laps with each racer swapping the top spot multiple times. Laursen stole the lead back in lapped traffic and then Diemel got together with Tom Nesbitt as he was trying to put Tom a lap down and they both spun, necessitating a caution and sending second running Diemel to the tail.

Laursen took back off again into the lead with Hanestad and Joey Jensen now side by side for second, but Jensen used the high side of the double file restart to his advantage and bolted by Laursen into the lead on lap 29 and lead the remaining 11 circuits for his first career Challenge Series feature win. Laursen, John Kaanta, Hanestad and 18th starting Brent Larson chased Jensen to the finish.

Dustin Follett raced from his 7th starting spot to win a thrilling battle with Al Rapp in the Superior Pure Stock feature as the final event of the night went green to checkered. Follett claimed his third feature win in Superior after claiming the lead on lap six and holding off Rapp for the win.

Racing resumes at the Superior Speedway Aug. 22 with a full program of WISSOTA Late Models, WISSOTA Modifieds, WISSOTA Super Stocks, WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds and Superior Pure Stocks. That night will serve as the track's 2008 season championship night and will also be fan appreciation night with all adults receiving a general admission ticket for $10. Racing will begin at 7 p.m. Check out for more information.


WISSOTA Late Models


Feature: Jensen, Laursen, Kaanta, Hanestad, Larson, Redetzke, Nelson, Hensel, Cryderman, Diemel, Matthees, Doar, Breeschoten, Hanson, Gehl, McMann, Lillo, Copp, Jorgenson, Provinzino, Carlson, Nesbitt, Peterlin, Hill, Estey

B-feature: Hanson, Hill, Lillo, Copp, Carlson, Jorgenson, Estey, Olson, Budisalovich

Debbie's Dash: Provinzino, Matthees, Laursen, Diemel, Hanestad, Gehl, Kaanta, Jensen

Heat 1: Jeff Provinzino, John Kaanta, Pat Doar, Joel Cryderman, Jake Redetzke, Tim McMann, Kevin Carlson, Gregg Hill, Cory Jorgenson

Heat 2: Steve Laursen, Todd Gehl, Joey Jensen, Lance Matthees, Darrell Nelson, Tom Nesbitt, Chris Olson, Kelly Estey, Don Copp

Heat 3: Rick Hanestad, Adam Hensel, AJ Diemel, Eric Breeschoten, Kyle Peterlin, Brent Larson, Harry Hanson, Aaron Lillo, Travis Budisalovich

WISSOTA Modifieds

Feature: Nelson, Lautigar, Jensen, Aho, Uotinen, Estey, Dale, Copp, Byholm, Hudack, Chesley, Bellefeuille, Checkalski, Lavato, Sersha, Rivord, Carlson, Lavasseur


Make-Up Feature: Nelson, Aho, Dale, Estey, Jensen, Uotinen, Hudack, Lautagar, Rivord, Lavato, Lavasseur, Bellefeuille, Checkalski, Copp, Kreyer, Byholm, Carlson, Lightner

Heat 1: Duane Dale, Darrell Nelson, Joey Jensen, Jodi Bellefeuille, Ryan Aho, Greg Chesley

Heat 2: Al Uotinen, Jayme Lautigar, Don Copp, Bill Byholm, Kelly Checkalski, Jad Carlson

Heat 3: Shaun Kreyer, Kelly Estey, Scott Hudack, Cory Sersha, Steve Lavasseur

WISSOTA Super Stocks

Feature: Lawrence, Kisling ,Bellefeuille, Tardy, Oliver, Wilson, Simpson, Lofdahl, Gangl, Hartel, Lorimor, Grymala, Johnson, Kern, Peterson, Campbell, Rolfson, Malecki, Treviranus, Cooper, Long, Rivord Jr., Carlson, Christman, Flynn

Heat 1: Rick Simpson, Jeff Tardy, Shane Kisling, Donnie Lofdahl, Tim Johnson, Robbie Cooper, Steve Rivord Jr., Andy Grymala, Steve Carlson

Heat 2: Joe Oliver, Dale Gangl, Keith Kern, Trevor Wilson, Alan Hartel, Ed Rolfson, Steve Christman, Adam Long


Heat 3: Mike Bellefeuille, Scott Lawrence, Dave Flynn, Destin Lorimor, Jim Campbell, Tom Treviranus, Ronnie Malecki, Rick Peterson

Superior Pure Stocks

Feature: Follett, Rapp, Chad Carlson, Christman, Blom, Van Ert, D. Larsen, Dzelak Jr., Smith, S. Larsen, Cornelison, Ayers, Hart, Cooper, Ciurleo, Caitlyn Carlson, Inman, Hammitt, Kresal

Heat 1: Pat Van Ert, Al Rapp, Dan Larsen, Ashley Smith, Jim Cooper, Kyle Inman, Matthew Hammitt

Heat 2: Dustin Follett, Jeff Christman, Pete Ciurleo, Richard Dzelak Jr., Tim Ayers, Caitlyn Calrson

Heat 3: Austin Blom, Chad Carlson, Scott Larsen, Rick Cornelison, Alex Hart, Caroline Kresal.

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