By Brady Carlson

Wisconsin Public Radio

Gas prices in Wisconsin are on the rise this spring. reported the average price of a gallon of gas in the state stood at $2.57 on Thursday, up 23 cents from prices a month ago. Prices for a gallon of regular gas in Superior Friday ranged from $2.72 tp $2.84, according to the site.

Patrick DeHaan, GasBuddy’s head of petroleum analysis, said refineries in the Great Lakes region had dropped prices over the winter to help unload stores of winter gasoline before the end of the season.

"Now that those discounts are gone, prices have gone up," he said. "We're transitioning to more expensive summer gasoline, so that's created a much bigger jump seemingly because of those discounts."

DeHaan said he expects Wisconsin gas prices to continue rising through the spring, before starting to drop back in June.

"Prices will get close to that $3 a gallon level," he said. "Then they will likely taper off in the month of June and settle into the upper $2 gallon range for most of the summer."

DeHaan said last year gas prices in the state peaked around $2.95 a gallon near Memorial Day weekend, but dropped below that level afterward.

Wisconsin and other Great Lakes states have seen gas prices rise faster than the rest of the country this spring.

Nationally, prices are up about 35 cents a gallon, but Wisconsin prices are now about 54 cents a gallon higher than the lowest prices of the year.

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