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Study: Bismarck second, Fargo named sixth happiest city in U.S

FARGO -- There must be something in the hotdish. Or maybe it’s the sunsets.

Whatever it is, the effect is clear. Fargo was named the sixth happiest city in the United States by the website WalletHub and its neighbor to the west, Bismarck, was second overall.

The website used three different dimensions to come up with their listing of the happiest cities in America: emotional and physical well-being, income and employment and community and environment.

Fargo, with its low unemployment, scored especially well in the income and employment portion of the findings, ranking second in the nation only behind Bismarck. WalletHub said it looked at factors like commute time, the income-growth rate and job satisfaction to arrive at that conclusion.

Other nearby cities happy enough to make the list include Sioux Falls (7th), Madison (11th) St. Paul (19th), Rapid City (64th) and Billings (65th).

Among the other factors the website used to arrive at its conclusion are average leisure time, divorce rate, sports participation, adequate sleep, depression rate and share of people who used marijuana.