Superior establishes policy to increase landfill gate fees

Per-ton costs would increase annually on July 1 based on the consumer price index.

A heavy equipment operation compacts trash at the Superior landfill on Moccasin Mike Road.
Jed Carlson/

SUPERIOR — The city’s finance committee is establishing a policy to increase the gate rate at the Superior landfill on an annual basis.

Under the proposal approved by the committee Thursday, March 10, the fee for hauling waste directly to the landfill on Moccasin Mike Road would increase based on the consumer price index on July 1 of each year until the landfill closes.

Superior Public Works director Todd Janigo said he expects four or five increases in the price by time that happens.

The gate rate, the charge haulers and individuals pay per ton of waste dumped at the landfill, has not changed since 2017 despite a 2014 recommendation by a consultant to increase the fee on the landfill gate rate by 2% annually.

Janigo said the increase would align with the change in rates paid by the Western Lake Superior Sanitary District under its contract. WLSSD’s contract is adjusted every July based on the consumer price index.


Darienne McNamara, environmental regulatory manager, said the change would only apply to about 10% of the waste that comes into the landfill. She said about 90% of the waste comes from WLSSD and 10% from Superior garbage collection.

Janigo said raising the rate based on the consumer price index would maintain the competitiveness of the landfill. The increase to the current $54 per ton fee won't be known until the consumer price index is calculated in April, he said.

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