Search for solution spurs new Superior business

Paul and Gina Ramsey turned their love for the outdoors into a business: Superior Ceramic Coatings.

Man holds gun barrel.
Paul Ramsey shows a gun barrel that is ceramic coated at his business Superior Ceramic Coatings on Thursday, March 16.
Jed Carlson / Superior Telegram

SUPERIOR — Finding a solution to the slow the wear and tear of sporting and recreational gear sparked a new business for Paul and Gina Ramsey.

Superior Ceramic Coatings launched at 619 Ogden Ave. to offer custom coatings for golf clubs, fishing lures and reels, and hunting gear. They’ve even customized the occasional beverage tumbler, and high temperature coatings allow them to protect exhaust and engine components for motorcycles, automotive and snowmobiles.

Hands hold gun parts.
Paul Ramsey shows how they can color different parts of a gun different colors at his business, Superior Ceramic Coatings, on Thursday, March 16.
Jed Carlson / Superior Telegram

The business opened in March 2022, located with Superior Guns and Ammo.

“We are a separate entity from the gun shop, but we kind of collaborate back and forth,” Paul said.

The business applies a thin-film ceramic coating to a variety of metals, plastics and polymers to improve strength and protect against corrosion.


“It got started because I didn’t want to wait for bluing to be done years ago,” Paul said. “I’m a competitive shooter and so a couple of buddies and I were building a couple of handguns for competitive shooting and didn’t want to wait eight or 10 months, or longer, for bluing, and the bluing doesn’t hold up that well anyway. It rusts and stuff, and this is anti-rust for the most part.”

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Ramsey found Cerakote about 12 years ago by doing an internet search for different types of coatings that could be used to protect metals from rusting. Initially, he said he was self-taught on the product’s use, but in 2021, the couple attended Cerakote training in San Antonio to become factory-certified applicators.

Gina said they learned it can be used on bicycle frames, golf clubs and more. Some of the projects they’ve been able to take on weren’t even advertised as services available on their website, she said.

Woman holds cup as man looks on.
Paul Ramsey, left, watches as his wife, Gina Ramsey, shows some of the different engravings that they also offer at their business, Superior Ceramic Coatings, on Thursday, March 16.
Jed Carlson / Superior Telegram

“We did a light saber for someone who’s a Star Wars fanatic,” she said.

However, firearms—rifle, shotguns and pistols—are the products they work on primarily, Paul said.

Hands hold gun parts.
Paul Ramsey explains how the coating is very thin, yet extremely durable so it works well on firearms. Ramsey and his wife opened Superior Ceramic Coatings in March 2022.
Jed Carlson / Superior Telegram

“We had a big run on shotguns toward the end of summer last year,” he said. “They’re nasty looking. They’ve rusted. They’ve beat the heck out of them—dragging them in and out of gun cases and boats. They’re a utility, a tool to them. And when they see the benefits of Cerakote, they say, 'I’ve got try this.'”

With more than 200 colors to chose from, Paul said they can offer a combination of colors and patterns to create distinctive, one-of-a-kind pieces for their customers. One rifle Pauls said he is currently working on will have a cow pattern on it, but he’s also done a number with camouflage patterns.

“A lot of people just like the variety of color,” Paul said.


In preparing the items for the coating, they go through an ultrasonic cleaner to remove all the oils and grease from the surface. Then it goes into a sandblasting cabinet to get an etch on the surface so the paint will stick to it.

The couple said when they started, they planned to operate the business in the evenings after work, but soon realized they needed someone there during the day, so now Paul does construction part-time and runs the business full-time.

The business is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. For information, call 715-919-1366 or visit

Man talks at table.
Paul Ramsey talks about his business, Superior Ceramic Coatings, on Thursday, March 16.
Jed Carlson / Superior Telegram

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