Rat poison reported at Superior trail entrance

Police urge dog owners to be cautious.
A sign welcomes hikers to the Bear Creek Trail near Bear Creek Park Monday, Sept. 28, 2020. A woman who walking her dog March 15 reported finding rat poison near garbage cans at the head of the trail.
Jed Carlson / 2020 File / Superior Telegram

SUPERIOR — Superior police issued a Facebook post warning dog walkers in the city after a Superior woman found rat poison at the entrance to Bear Creek Trail last week.

The police urged dog owners to be vigilant when exercising their furry friends on city trails.

"Keep your dog on a leash (as required by ordinance), and pay attention to what they're getting in to."

The police were alerted to the rat poison by a March 15 Facebook post from a Superior woman. She was taking her dog, Jax, for a walk when he grabbed an object in the snow near the entrance to Bear Creek Trail by the garbage cans. She told Jax to "leave it" and was able to identify the item as a small block of rodent poison.

"Thankfully it appears Jax didn't ingest anything, but he is undergoing the appropriate testing just to be sure!" the Superior Police Department post said.


No official report was made to the police, but Community Service Officer Tina Anrig responded to Bear Creek Trial Thursday, March 16 to check out the area.

Anrig found a blue substance, which appeared to be a powder, mixed in the snow by the garbage cans, according to a Superior Police Department report. She dug out all of the snow that had the blue powder in it and placed it in the garbage can.

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The community service officer walked to the trail head on the snowmobile trail and back down the narrow trail next to it, but didn't find any more of the blue powder. She did not find pellets or chunks of any substance on the trail or near the garbage cans.

Anyone with information about the rodent poison found at the park can submit an anonymous tip online at

Maria Lockwood covers news in Douglas County, Wisconsin, for the Superior Telegram.
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