Poem: Pho for Sad Sisters

Northwestern High School Francesca Germano shares a poem.

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Golden garlic and ginger sizzling, ssssss, pop, Pop, POP!

Piping hot steam billows from the pot like smoke rising from a chimney in the cold, crisp, crackling winter outside.

Steam clears the mind and puffy runny noses and eyes.

Set the table!

Ceramic scrapes, clattering bowls, chimes of forks clanging and scraping.


The dining room table, filled with

colorful ceramic bowls, heaped with murky steaming soup, crispy potatoes and onions, glossy noodles glimmer clearly reflecting and capturing the bold bright bounty of hues.

Scree screeeee, forks and spoons scraping the bowl,

Slurping silently of sweetly savory soup,

Melodically mending hearts and problems, murmuring talks grow.

Francesca Germano is a sophomore at Northwestern High School.

This poem is part of the Telegram's efforts to showcase the work of young people in the community. For more information on those efforts, contact reporter Maria Lockwood at

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