Douglas County Past: Women not allowed to sling beer in 1892

Notable headlines from Douglas County's past.

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Gary Meader / Duluth News Tribune

Feb. 18, 1892

Excludes the barmaids

J. W. Menzie, whose concert house at Fourth Street and Tower Avenue was recently closed by order of the mayor, had a long confab with that official last night. He was given permission to open again on condition that no female beer slingers be allowed on the premises. He promised to comply with the regulation. If he breaks it the police will pull his place.

About the city

The ladies of the Aid Society of the First M. E. church will hold a hatchet social on Monday evening, the 22nd, in the church parlors, corner Cumming Avenue and Eleventh Street. Everybody invited. (George will be there with his little hatchet.)

A skating contest will take place this evening at the East End rink between A. W. Anscob, who wears the champion amateur medal of this city, and George Spease, of Illinois. The winner will be awarded a $25 purse.


The pupils of the Nelson Dewey school enjoyed a very pleasant sleigh ride to East Superior last evening.

The Y.P.S.C.E. of the Pilgrim Congregational church will give a social at the residence of Rev. and Mrs. Rouse Friday evening. “Lots of fun and no money” constitute the amusement features.

The Three Pigs of nursery book fame have been brought to life by first and second grade pupils of the SS Anthony and Margaret school, under the direction of their teacher, Sister Carmel. Members of the cast, shown with the costumes and holding their “heads” are, left to right, Kathleen Plachta, Yvonne DeMol, Joanne DeMol, Richard Vergauwen, Paul DeCook and Margie Rotsaert.
Contributed / Superior Public Library / Feb. 20, 1947 Telegram

Feb. 18, 1947

Superior marksmen lead state rifle competition

Members of the Nemadi Rifle club of Superior competing in both the Fox River Valley league and the Arrowhead rifle league, are leading both organizations on the basis of matches held with the various teams, according to figures released by the league.

The Superior club holds its matches at the rifle range in the basement of Superior State Teachers college and shoots every Tuesday night, competing by mail with other teams in the league.

Members of the Superior club include Roy Emerson, Wilbert Liljigren, S. E. West, Toivo Hjelt, John Kallas, Walter Kerwin and Wesley Parks.

Feb. 19, 1892

The city


Winner of the fire by friction competition at the Boy Scout Roundup was Dan Simenson of troop 5, who got his blaze going in 13 seconds.
Contributed / Superior Public Library / Feb. 21, 1947 Telegram

Some one signing himself E.J. M. Bratberg has written the chamber of commerce a long letter advocating a bee line railroad from Superior to the Gulf of California and another from Superior to Hudson’s bay. It is a gem.

Archie Campbell, an employee on the foundation of the Daisy Roller mill, cut his foot badly yesterday afternoon while sharpening piles with an axe. Dr. Spencer dressed the wound.

A petition is being circulated protesting against the proposed opening of a saloon in the building recently occupied by Lewis Larson.

Feb. 20, 1947

Bruce Campbell named director of lumber group

Bruce M. Campbell, president of Campbell Lumber and Supply company, of Superior, was elected a director of the Wisconsin Retail Lumberman’s association at Milwaukee Wednesday night.

Feb. 20, 1892

Murphy will go to Waupun – A devoted sister

The jury in the Pete Murphy grand larceny returned a verdict of guilty late yesterday afternoon. Murphy has an ugly record, and although it was not generally believed he would be acquitted, officers were present during his trial yesterday to arrest him on a requisition for an alleged crime committed in Duluth.

Murphy was found guilty of burglarizing the residence of M. Grant at No. 727 Hammond avenue. The prosecution proved the goods stolen were worth $25, a sufficient amount to send the defendant to Waupun.


The prisoner has had an affectionate and devoted friend in the person of his sister, a Mrs. Logan of Scranton, Pa. Mrs. Logan has made every effort to save her brother from the penitentiary, and journeyed all the way from the Keystone state to defend him.

Feb. 21, 1947

Committee puts OK on property lease for Allens

Amicable settlement of the dispute which arose over use of county land by Monte and Chris Allen between South Superior and West End was apparently in prospect Friday after a special county board committee gave its approval to a rental proposal.

Under the agreement reached Thursday, the Allens will pay $500 for back rent up to Jan. 1, 1948, and from then on will occupy the property, some 160 acres in all, for a total yearly payment of $220. The lease will be granted on a year-to-year basis, and the county holds the right to sell on 90 days notice.

The Allens originally paid rent on the property, but when the owners allowed the land to become tax-delinquent rental collections also stopped. Since 1942 neither rent nor taxes were paid on the property.

Children of the St. Patrick’s school drop their slogans for the mobile X-ray unit in the ballot box as Mrs. Clarence Hughes, chairman, looks on. Depositing their slogans in the box are Richard Tyson, Helen Niggeler, Margaret Schmidt and Janet White. Judges for the contest are Clough Gates, general manager of the Evening Telegram, Hugo Swanson, secretary of the Labor Temple association, and Miss Kathryn Ohman of the English department, Superior State Teachers College.
Contributed / Superior Public Library / Feb. 21, 1947 Telegram

Superior school children will compete in naming slogan for mobile X-ray unit

Aimed at removing any apprehension Superior youngsters may feel concerning chest X-rays, the Superior chapter of the Wisconsin Anti-Tuberculosis association is sponsoring a slogan contest for the new mobile X-ray unit which shortly will be put in service in the city and county, Mrs. Clarence Hughes, chairman, announced Friday.

Prizes include a $10 gift certificate for first place. Four second place prizes of $7.50 gift certificates are being donated and two third prizes include a $5 happiness theater book and a $5 gift certificate. Fourth prizes are a $2.50 happiness theater book and a gift item.

Rules for the contest are: Make it short, not more than four words. Do not bother your teachers for help. If you are in elementary school, junior high school or high school, you are eligible to take part in the contest.

Lenroot seeks link between Highway 53, 35

Sen. Arthur Lenroot of Superior has announced here that he will sponsor legislation to provide for the construction of a state trunk highway from Danbury on Highway 35 to Minong on Highway 53, to comply with requests of numerous officials and citizens of that section of northwestern Wisconsin.

Articles and pictures courtesy of librarian Judy Aunet with Superior Public Library.

021822.N.ST.Past.Scout 1.jpg
Highlight of the annual Boy Scout Roundup, held Thursday at Superior State Teachers college gym, was the presentation of Eagle Scout awards to three scouts. Horace Gorton, deputy regional scout executive, St. Paul, at left, made the awards to Dave Rima Jr. of Sea Scout Ship 23, John Harum, Troop 56, of Solon Springs and Franklin Bradshaw, Troop 2.
Contributed / Superior Public Library / Feb. 21, 1947 Telegram
Appointment of Mrs. William R. Bolton as chairman of the women’s division of the Red Cross campaign for Superior and Douglas County was announced Tuesday by Robert D. Banks, chairman of the drive. Conferring on plans for the opening campaign are Mrs. T. M. Thompson, secretary of the chapter, John O. Berg, president, Mrs. Bolton and Mr. Banks.
Contributed / Superior Public Library / Feb. 18, 1947 Telegram

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