Douglas County Past: Wardens crack down on illegal deer hunting; Bennett girl presented with calf

From the Oct. 24, 1947 Telegram: "Miss Peterson was awarded a purebred Brown Swiss heifer, selected from the herd of Stanley Larson of Cushing. Each year the Superior Rotary club presents a pure bred calf to the 4-H member who most fittingly presents their calf at the Tri-State Fair."

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Gary Meader / Duluth News Tribune
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Oct. 21, 1947

First Methodists celebrate 90 years here November 16

Ninety years of serving the community of East End in their religious life will be observed on Nov. 16 by the congregation of the First Methodist Church, first organized in the city in 1857.

General arrangements for the anniversary, which include special services, are being handled by the Rev. Palmer E. Matthews, pastor, Mrs. J.G. King and Nathaniel Hanson.

Oct. 22, 1947


Illegal deer-killing exposed in county

A “mass destruction” of Douglas County deer was uncovered early Wednesday morning by authorities with the finding of 13 quarters of venison in a freezer in a garage owned by Frank J. Bellino, Boyston. In the picture are Warden Wesley Newcomb, District Attorney Andy Borg and Warden Edward Manthei unloading the quarters of venison at the courthouse. Oct. 22, 1947 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

State conservation authorities Wednesday uncovered what apparently has been a wholesale deer-slaughtering in Douglas County with the finding of 13 quarters of venison in a garage belonging to Frank J. Bellino, Boylston.

Bellino, scheduled to appear in municipal court Wednesday afternoon to answer charges of illegal possession of venison, was arrested early Wednesday morning by Conservation Warden Wesley Newcomb, Solon Springs, and his assistant, Special Warden Ed Manthei of Plymouth. Still being sought for questioning is Bellino’s son, Eugene.

Twelve of the quarters were described by Newcomb as being front quarters, which meant that at least six deer were included in this particular slaughter, and possibly 10 since it was not determined if the quarters “matched up.”

Bellino was arrested about 6:30 a.m. by Newcomb and Manthei after the two wardens had unsuccessfully sought to stop a car which had been used in shining deer on Highway 35 near Dairyland.

Oct 22, 1957

Insulators target of ‘hunters’

The same problem that arises each year in the area has appeared here again and the Superior Water, Light and Power Co. is asking the cooperation of everyone to put a quick halt to this serious destruction.


About two weeks ago, the company placed new insulators on the outskirts of a city power line, one that accommodates several of the city’s larger industrial firms and a residential district. They lasted about one week.

“Hunters” have made short work of the important insulators, hindering the safety of all innocent persons in the area. Such destruction could disrupt the service to hospitals, thereby endangering the lives of patients. Ricocheting bullets from the “insulator targets” also could prove fatal not only to the “hunters” but to other persons in the area.

True, insulators make attractive targets, but they are not put there for the purpose of acting as “sitting ducks.”

Oct. 23, 1947

County corrals more illegal deer hunters

Eugene Bellino pled guilty in municipal court late Thursday afternoon to six charges of illegal hunting, failure to stop for an emergency vehicle and reckless driving. Judge Claude F. Cooper deferred sentence on the eight charges until Monday at 2 p.m. Sentence was also deferred until that time on his father Frank Bellino.

Listen: 1893 Chicago World's Fair featured Douglas County's vanished Tiffany window, Superior whaleback

Pleading guilty in municipal court also Thursday afternoon to shining deer, six men were ordered to pay fines of from $14 to $29 or serve up to 30 days in Douglas County Jail. Before passing sentence Judge Cooper told the men that the public is getting fed up with illegal deer hunting.

The six are Al Kronlund and his son, D.C. Kronlund, 1518 Iowa Ave., Owen Erickson, 1615 E. Fifth St., driver of the car in which the men were riding, P. J. Gilbertson, 1320 Tower Ave., W. Fairbanks, 917 Birch and Herb Berger, 1507 E. Second St.


Special Waren Del Arnold said the men were arrested in the town of Highland on County Trunk H late Wednesday night.

Oct. 24, 1947

Rotarians present calf to Bennett girl

Presentation of the 1947 Rotary Club calf award was made to Joanne Peterson of Bennett at a meeting sponsored by Superior Rotarians Wednesday night at the Bennett school.

A purebred Brown Swiss calf was presented to Joanne Peterson of Bennett at a meeting sponsored by Superior Rotarians Wednesday night. Shown at the presentation are, left to right, S.E. West, Joanne Peterson, Stanley Larson, breeder from whom the calf was purchased, and M.S. Holden, Rotary president. Oct. 24, 1947 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

Miss Peterson was awarded a purebred Brown Swiss heifer, selected from the herd of Stanley Larson of Cushing. Each year the Superior Rotary club presents a pure bred calf to the 4-H member who most fittingly presents their calf at the Tri-State Fair.

The placing of four pure bred Brown Swiss calves on behalf of the Douglas County Lakeshore Livestock club by Manly Sharp, Douglas County agent, was another highlight of the evening. Three heifer calves from the herd of Emil Jensen, Menomonie, were placed with Orville, Vivian and Edwin Priem, children of Mr. and Mrs. Julius Priem of Bennett. A bull calf from the herd of Howard Johnson, Bennett, was also placed with Edwin Priem.

Oct. 24, 1957

City lad would rather dig

The average 8-year-old lad is apt to become sparkly-eyed over the promise of a treasure hunt, the kind that rewards with baskets of sweets, a new football or catcher’s mitt.

But that’s not true of a certain Superior lad who would much rather dig for fossils or discover a queer-looking dinosaur to add to his already large collection.

And, as far as summer vacation is concerned, the other lads can have their fun at the usual run of things, but Henry “Scotty” Emberson, Ericsson School third grader, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Emberson, 719 Baxter Ave., wants to go to Montana and dig for old skeletons and such on his aunt’s ranch. For that matter, he threatens to “dig up their whole yard.”

It’s not unusual for youngsters to play around with do-it-yourself hobbies, but few find it fun to fiddle around with fossils or fierce looking dinosaurs the way Scotty Emberson, Ericsson third grader, does. Not only does he have a large collection, but he has acquired his own library on prehistoric animals and likes to read about them. Oct. 24, 1957 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

Scotty has sort of “wormed” a promise from his dad that he’ll have a vacation next summer at the ranch and a chance to go digging.

Seems that about two years ago, Scotty picked up a book on prehistoric animals in the school library while in the second grade. He became so interested that he has been reading similar books ever since.

Lyle Maves, principal at the Ericsson school, and teachers Katherine Jacubinas and Margaret Schneider, of the second and third grades, are interested in Scotty’s hobby and encourage him to follow it.

Following the excitement of campaigns and balloting, students of Cathedral high school Wednesday elected Elizabeth Templeton, center, to reign as their queen at the homecoming dance on Thursday. Attending Miss Templeton will be the second place winner, Yvonne Patnode, left, who will be first lady-in-waiting. The third winner, Patricia Misfeldt, right, will be the queen’s second attendant. Geraldine Brown, the queen of two years ago, will crown the new queen. Carrying the crown will be last year’s winner, Pauline Lugoski. Oct. 22, 1947 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram
Visitors to Wisconsin will be given a cordial welcome starting next season when about a dozen of these new welcome signs will be erected at the state line where major highways enter Wisconsin from Illinois, Iowa, Michigan. Showing a sketch of the new sign to Governor Thomson is Maria Litscky of Madison. Oct. 22, 1957 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram
A scrappy Superior Cathedral 11 will tackle Superior East Saturday night at Gates Field in the Panthers homecoming game. Members of the Panther team are, bottom row, left to right, Len Horyza, rg; Tom Murphy, re; Jack Cooke, rh; Ray Jackson, rh; Pat LeSage, qb; Bob Geimer, lh; Jack Braun, qb; Frank Sajec, lg. Center row, Denny Bonner (co-captain), re; Jim Bronson, lt; Tom Ganey, lg; John Graeber, qb; Jack O’Brien, rg; Pat Utyro, lh; Jim Paquette, rt; Stanley May, lt; Jack Kremer, rg; Dick Reuter, student manager. Top row, Steve Rindo, le; Don Demeyer, le; Bill Delaney, le; Bob Herubin, lt; Jerry O’Brien, fb; Johnny Rindo, rt; Charles Herubin, fb; Ed Stevenette, rh; Jack Sheridan, lt; Jack White, c; Tom Whitacre, rg; Jack Setterstrom, lt. Oct. 23, 1947 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram
Winners of the Junior Fire Marshal 1957 fire prevention achievement award at McCaskill Training School, Superior State College, were Janis Horne, third grade, primary division winner, and John Wick, fifth grade, elementary division winner. Pupils took home a questionnaire and checklist on fire hazards in the home, then designed and drew illustrations of some of the checklist items. Oct. 24, 1957 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

Articles and pictures courtesy of retired librarian Judy Aunet with Superior Public Library.

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