Douglas County Past: Superior man lost in Lake Erie sinking; stars shine in 'Superior at War' film

From the Dec. 4, 1942 Telegram: "James Carr, 44, 1009 Baxter Avenue, was listed among the missing in the crew of the tanker-barge Cleveco, which apparently broke up with the loss of the entire personnel, the owners announced Friday."

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Gary Meader / Duluth News Tribune
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Dec. 2, 1942

Stars shine here as movies record ‘Superior at War’

Lights! Camera! Action! We’re in the movies now — no longer is there any need for that secret wish to flash across the silver screen to be repressed, because Superior has gone Hollywood.

The picture-taker gets his picture taken as he photographs the composing room of the Evening Telegram with Elmer Olsen, superintendent and Charles McCauley at work. The picture taker incidentally is that man you’ve been seeing around town lately taking movies of everything in sight, Wayne Cayton. “Superior at War,” the feature-length film which will be shown at the Palace Theater Dec. 8 will include Superior industries and organizations, civic and social. Nov. 2, 1942 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

Wayne Cayton, roving cameraman for the Reelife Films, is braving the icy winds to get the true picture of Superior at War, and what a picture — the man doesn’t give the gentlemen time to straighten their ties or the ladies to dash for the lipstick, and hardly a civic organization, social group or industry of the city will escape the all-seeing eye of the camera.

Similar movies have been taken in Hibbing and many other cities throughout the northwest, including Duluth.


The film will be shown at the Palace Theater for three days beginning Dec. 8.

Dec. 2, 1947

Possibility of Central, East consolidation is advanced

Listen: Portrait of a Superior hero

The possibility of future consolidation of Superior Central and East high schools was raised by Superintendent of Schools Angus B. Rothwell in his annual report to the board of education and to the city as a whole, which were released Tuesday.

Other consolidation suggestions include operating just three junior high schools — East, Pattison and the contemplated new Blaine. At present five junior highs are operating.

Dec. 3, 1942

Roof and cellar fires make night hot for Larsons

Fire struck twice at the home of E. Larson Tuesday.


Late in the afternoon, sparks on the roof started a blaze that left a hole in the roof and $300 in damages to the residence at 1710 Iowa.

Tuesday night, cold winds set in, and the house wasn’t too comfortable with the stars shining through the roof, so the fire was turned up and later in the evening, the fire fighters came rushing to a second alarm caused by an overheated furnace. Fortunately there was no damage this time, and the roof to basement chase was over for the night.

Dec. 3, 1947

Six Superior brothers, all veterans, bag their bucks

If deer of Wisconsin could see the above picture of the six Peters brothers and their father with the sons’ bag of six fine deer they would have respect for the shooting ability of the sextet. The sons and their father have been hunting together since each took up the sport as he grew old enough, and although their fun was interrupted for a few years because five of them were in the navy and the other in the army, it is apparent from their kill that although shooting with larger ammunition in the services they certainly must have gained some ability at hitting the target.

Barbara Budnick. Dec. 3, 1947 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

Marvin, who has been hunting for 15 years, was the first of the party to bag his buck, getting a 135 pound five-pointer the first day of season.

Superior vocalist wins audition in music series

Miss Barbara Budnick, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Budnick, 2132 Hughitt Avenue, and a junior majoring in music at Superior State College, Wednesday was announced as one of the winners in the fifth annual “Starring Young Wisconsin Artists” radio concert auditions by the Wisconsin Federation of Music clubs and WTMJ, the Milwaukee Journal radio station.


The winners will appear on 16 broadcasts, starting Jan. 3 at 4 p.m. on Saturdays over WTMJ. Miss Budnick, a contralto, auditioned at Milwaukee on Nov. 27.

Dec. 4, 1942

Superior man dies in Lake Erie sinking

James Carr, 44, 1009 Baxter Avenue, was listed among the missing in the crew of the tanker-barge Cleveco, which apparently broke up with the loss of the entire personnel, the owners announced Friday.

The Cleveco, carrying 24,000 barrels of fuel oil for eastern war plants, was believed to have sunk in Lake Erie. Coast Guard vessels found a huge oil slick, pieces of wreckage and eight bodies, the Associated Press reported Friday, after the tug Admiral, which was towing the Cleveco, had sunk Wednesday with its crew of 14.

Finding of the oil slick and bodies led Cleveland Tankers Inc. to report “that in the opinion of the company the entire crew has been lost.” If true, the death toll in the sinking of the tug and the barge would be 32.

The double disaster was reported to be the worst on the Great Lakes since October 1929, when the car-ferry Milwaukee and the freighter Wisconsin sank in Lake Michigan with a loss of 68 lives.

His wife, who lives at 1009 Baxter Avenue, was notified of Carr’s probably death Thursday night. He had served on the Cleveco as a pumpman for two seasons.

Dec. 4, 1947

Globe Trotters to meet Twin Ports All-Stars at Superior State gym

The Harlem Globe Trotters, widely known for their fancy passing, trick ball-handling and accurate shooting, will meet the Twin Ports All-Stars Thursday, 9 p.m. at the college gym, under the sponsorship of the Superior Lions Club.

All-Star personnel opposing the Trotters includes Gerald (Peanuts) Peterson of Duluth Duke baseball fame; Ray Gamache, another prominent Duluth baseball product; Dick Goertz, Dick Helquist, Bert Olson, Harry Anderson, Bob Johnson, Al Sandstrom, Chuck Carlson, Swan Nystrum, Chet Thomas and Chad Coole.

12-2-47 Girls.jpg
Pictures just as they were planning to leave the Douglas County Historical Museum are several girls from the St. Joseph’s Children’s home who were treated to a visit at the museum over the Thanksgiving holidays. Pictured are, first row, left to right, Nancy Lou Sweeney, Nancy Riebe, Janet O’Lecik; second row, Nancy Jodell, Patricia Miller, Dolores Mencel, Eva Vugrenia; third row, Annabelle Cronick, Mary Ann Sweeney, Geraldine St. George, Marie Miller, Barbara Jodell. The big stuffed deer on the third floor attracted the girls most, though they were also attracted by the dolls and doll dishes, as well as the pioneer kitchen where they said they’d like to live “because it looks so home like.” Dec. 2, 1947 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

Dec. 5,  1947

Ice fishermen harvest 24 pike and a buck

Proving the needlessness of carrying a rifle and walking many miles day after day to get a deer, Alex Kotter, of 2719 N. 22nd St., went fishing Wednesday and got a fine specimen of the antlered tribe.

Kotter and some fishing pals were crossing the ice at the mouth of the Pokegama River when one of the party broke through a spot of thin ice with one foot. On looking at the spot he noticed some hair. Kotter poked his ax through the ice and snagged onto a large buck that had drowned just under the surface of newly formed ice. The horns of the animal were wedged into the thick ice with the nose barely under the water.

The men pulled the unfortunate animal onto the ice and continued on with their fishing adventures. That night they called Conservation Warden James McNaughton, who assured Kotter it would be all right to take the deer.

The Kotter party not only got venison on the trip but also caught 24 northern pike, with the largest weighing 13 pounds.

First buck: First among Gordon residents to get his deer was 16-year-old Donald Finstad, Gordon high school junior, who shot the buck early Saturday morning. He reported that the 170-pound animal was bagged in the district east of the village. Dec. 2, 1942 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram
Central high school’s newly-remodeled auditorium was dedicated at two ceremonies Monday. Left to right, the Rev. J. George Senty, minister of Hammond Avenue Presbyterian Church, who gave the invocation and benediction; Robert Olson, president of the Student Council, who gave one of the speeches; Clarice Kelly, Central senior who presided during the program; and George Shaw, principal of the school. Dec. 2, 1947 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram
At left, Tom Godfrey is the “patient” as Bill Johnson applies first aid as part of the Boy Scout Round-Up held at Central high school gym Tuesday night. At right, Dale Ingwaldson, Troop 13, flips a flapjack. Dec. 2, 1947 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram
Members of the board of governors of the Superior Youth Center, representing Central, Cathedral and East high schools, have been busy cleaning up and decorating the gymnasium of the YMCA in preparation for a benefit dance. Engaged in dusting the chairs that will be placed along the walls of the gym are, left to right, Nancy Stariha, Cathedral; Lillian Leland, East; and Prudy Gardner, Central. Standing is Eileen Peterman, Central. Dec. 4, 1947 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram
120222.N.ST.Past.YMCA bottom.jpg
One of the biggest jobs in the clean-up work was the scrubbing of the gym floor and getting it waxed for the dancers. Shown are, left to right, with the broom Marjorie Greassner, Cathedral; with the mop pail, Rhoda Eng, Central; and doing the mopping, Bernard Bennett, Cathedral. Dec. 4, 1947 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram
120222.N.ST.Past.Scout 2.jpg
Buddy Byrnes goes over the top of the wall in the wall-scaling contest. The event was won by Boy Scout Troop 13 under the direction of Scout Master Hobart Hicks. Dec. 3, 1947 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram
120222.N.ST.Past.Scout 1.jpg
James Nelson and David Simenson, of Boy Scout Troop 5, are hard at work in the flapjack contest as they cook their entry over a canned heat flame. The event was won by troop 5. Clarence Simenson is scout master of the troop. Dec. 3, 1947 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

Articles and pictures courtesy of retired librarian Judy Aunet with Superior Public Library.

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