Douglas County Past: South Superior man plans auto trip around the world; Swans flock to St. Louis bay

From the April 24, 1928 Telegram: "Mr. Isaacson ... left Shanghai, China on March 26 for Manila on the steamship President Cleveland of the Dollar line, his special super-Ford model T perched on the rear deck where it was already to go the minute the boat docked."

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Gary Meader / Duluth News Tribune

April 21, 1933

Gordon woman guesses exact time of arrival of first boat

“I think the first boat will arrive in Superior from the Soo at 5:40 p.m. April 20.”

This was the guess of Mrs. A.J. Platteter, Box 88, Gordon, Wis. and her guess was exactly the hour and minute that the steamer Joseph Block plowed into the Superior entry. Mrs. Platteter wins the $3 prize offered by The Telegram to the person who guessed the nearest to the exact time of arrival of the boat.

The following Superior people guessed within an hour of the exact time: Mrs. Jennie Lindquist, Mr. Nellie Lundgren, Mrs. F. Johnson, Margaret J. Bolley, Mrs. J.W. Dugan, Mildred McMahon, Wayne Walley and Mrs. C. DeRosier.


Other Wisconsin persons who guessed within an hour were Ellen Autio, Louis Jondreau, Richard Raunio, Matt Saari, Mrs. Matt Perala and Arnold Niemi, all of Maple; Edna Gustafson, Poplar; Mrs. Henry Anderson, South Range; Martha Gustafson, Brule and Eino Lind, Iron River.

It took the steamer Joseph Block an hour and 20 minutes to drive through ice a foot thick from the Superior entry to the Northern Pacific ore dock late Thursday afternoon. This picture was taken from the dock. The Superior entry may be seen in the background. Capt. A.A. Clark, who takes honors for piloting the first boat of the season, is shown at the left. April 21, 1933 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

April 22, 1933

Pheasant eggs are available

Ringneck pheasant eggs for hatching may be procured from George Yale, chairman of the game propagation committee of the Douglas County Fish and Game league. Mr. Yale wants to give the eggs away to settlers and farmers in Douglas County. The eggs may be procured from Mr. Yale at the Yale laundry.

Wednesday, 66 mutant pheasants were freed in Douglas county. Twelve birds were let loose a mile from United States highway No. 53 on No. 13, 14 on the Jones road, one half mile from No. 13, five on the Jones road, one-half mile from No. 2, 13 birds one mile from Amnicon Falls on a side road, nine on the A.N. Young farm on No. 53 and 19 birds near the workfarm.

Hunters are warned not to shoot these birds. They are protected.

Ped students study in county schools

Six students of the rural department of State Teachers college spent the week in getting practical experience in various schools in the county.


Those in county schools, and the schools they were at, follow: Ebba Anderson, Juntti school at Brule; Marian Carlson, Dewey school, town of Superior; Margaret Dahl, Ibsen school, Hawthorne; Harriet Pooler, Lakeside school, Gordon; Lois Terry, Moreten Frewen school, Parkland; Ebba Magnusson, Carl Von Lirine school, Hawthorne.

MacQuarrie and Beecroft — Superior Central's literary stars

April 23,1928

500 swans find sanctuary on the St. Louis River

Five hundred wild swans, one of the most beautiful migratory birds in the world, alighted on St. Louis bay Monday morning, opposite the Carnegie coal dock in West Duluth and not far distant from the Iota Delta Chi fraternity cabin at Billings Park.

The birds were sighted by B. McNamara of Superior, superintendent of the dock who has watched them come and go for several years and gets a bigger thrill from them every year. The birds are said to be whistling swans and are thought to be the same flock that has visited near Ashland.

“The birds are very large and may weigh about 30 pounds,” states Mr. McNamara. “They are the same variety that has visited this feeding ground regularly in the early spring the past 15 years, each flock remaining about three or four days.”

April 24, 1928

Adventurous Superior man sets out from China on 32,000-mile tour of the world


With a trail ahead over the jungles, deserts, mountains and thoroughfares of four continents, with sea voyages in between, Allen Isaacson of Superior is on his way around the world by auto. At this writing, if his schedule has not been disrupted, he is probably in the vicinity of Calcutta, India.

Allen Isaacson of South Superior and the “super-Ford” in which he is touring the world, en route home. April 24, 1928 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

Mr. Isaacson, the son of Mr. and Mrs. John A. Isaacson, 6322 John avenue, left Shanghai, China on March 26 for Manila on the steamship President Cleveland of the Dollar line, his special super-Ford model T perched on the rear deck where it was already to go the minute the boat docked.

For nearly four years, Isaacson has been located in Shanghai as mechanical engineer of a hire service company. For the last year he has worked on his special car, which resembles any other make rather than his original model T, in preparation for his trip to Superior over land and sea.

His route will carry him through southern Asia, up and down the Nile valley, across northern Africa, through the countries of Europe with a trip to the Alps, thence to the Scandinavian countries, back to Paris, across to England and finally across the Atlantic ocean and back home. His itinerary includes 2,000 cities of various sizes. A total of 32,000 miles has been mapped out, 20,000 land miles and 12,000 water miles. Isaacson will be in Superior about December, he believes, although snow may prevent his final homecoming until the following spring.

Dead Superior man may have been attacked

NESTORIA, Mich. — Deputy Sheriffs W. E. Poppe of Nestoria and Francis Kotila of L’Anse, and Coroner Harold Hanson, also of L’Anse, are conducting an investigation into the death of William Pelletier, 40 years old, of Superior, Wis., who was found fatally hurt beside a railroad track west of here Sunday.

It has not been determined whether he was attacked or struck by a train. No arrests have been made nor suspects interviewed.

April 24, 1933


Daylight theft attempt fails

Two youths about 21 years old attempted a bold daylight hold-up at noon Monday.

They were frustrated by James Murino, 910 John avenue, their intended victim, who fought them on Main street, Connor’s point. They demanded his coupe and Murino told them “not without a fight.” One of the pair pulled a gun, Murino told police.

“I only had 75 cents in my pocket, but I wasn’t going to lose my car at any cost,” Murino declared in relating his fight with the youths.

Friends honor rail veteran

More than 100 friends of John Gothner, 4301 East Itasca street, veteran Omaha railway employe, gathered at the Foresters’ hall in Itasca Saturday night to pay honor to Mr. Gothner, who retired recently after completing 38 years of service with the railway.

Mr. Gothner started work for the Omaha on Sept. 6, 1895, as a carman. He became car foreman in 1904 and held that position continuously until he retired.

The St. Louis basketball team, following the refusal of the Icogawan quint to meet it after a challenge, maintains that it is still champion of Superior cage squads. The “Louies” won 21 out of 26 games played, defeating some of the strongest teams in the Northwest. Those in the picture are, back row, left to right, Andy Johnson, Clare Carlson, Einer Sandvick, Walter Kykyri, Julius Jules, James Gregoire, George Ryan, Cliff Carlson and Wallace Burzinski; front row, left to right, Edward Bashaw and Ray O’Brien, managers. April 23, 1928 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram
The photo shows steel work being erected at the St. Mary’s hospital nurses’ home, between Clough and Weeks avenues on Eleventh street. In spite of adverse building weather recently, progress has been comparatively rapid on this new unit of the hospital. April 21, 1928 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram
After one week of shooting, M.A. Teske, president of the Douglas County Fish and Game league, leads the gunners shooting for both the game league and the Phil Berthiaume Gun club in the number of pests killed. Mr. Teske bagged 12 crows and three hawks when he went out the first day of the shoot, Sunday. The shoot will go on for two weeks more when a final tally will be made. April 21, 1928 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

Articles and pictures courtesy of retired librarian Judy Aunet with Superior Public Library.

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