Douglas County Past: Skate used in holdup attempt, smoking prohibited in county buildings

From the Jan. 23, 1933 Telegram: “'Stick ‘em up,' said one of the trio as he shoved a skate into the drunk’s abdomen. 'If you don’t we’ll blow your stomach out.' At this time Officer Frederick intervened, grabbing two of the youths."

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Gary Meader / Duluth News Tribune
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Jan. 20, 1933

High school student collects own ‘antiques’

How would you like to wake up some night to see the moonlight playing on a half dozen assorted skulls in a case at the foot of your bed? Would you enjoy watching the silvery beams flit over the ghostly specimens? Carl Johnson, 17-year-old Central high school student, doesn't mind it. In fact he’s looking for a few more skulls to add to the growing collection at his home, 709 East Eighth street.

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Carl Johnson Jan. 20, 1933 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

Animal skulls are just one of the things Carl hunts, swaps or collects. Several years ago his older brother Frank, now a student at State Teachers college, began a “collection.” Three years ago Carl took it over and under his guidance it has grown to contain everything from skulls to stamps.

Carl’s room is a paradise to kids in the neighborhood. As soon as the word passes round in Central Park that Carl has added another “somep’n” to his collection, they come trekking up the stairs to Carl’s room, where under Mrs. Johnson’s indulgent eyes, they gasp and point awed little forefingers at what is behind the glass doors of Carl’s wonderful case.


Jan. 20, 1993

Council won’t fight DNR’s spill fine

The majority of Superior City Councilors don’t believe they should chastise the state agency that recommended a minimal fine for the “Toxic Tuesday” spill.

1 year later, the history of the century-old Superior buildings lost to fire

By a 6-4 vote Tuesday, councilors declined to condemn the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, which recommended a $200 fine against Burlington Northern Railroad, hauler of toxins that derailed and spilled into the Nemadji River on June 30.

Last week, Jim Haney, a spokesman for Wisconsin Attorney General James Doyle, said that BN could face additional monetary penalties when an accident report is issued by the National Transportation Safety Board. BN must also reimburse the state for all environmental damage at the Town of Superior spill site, he added.

Jan. 22, 1933

Smoking is prohibited in all county buildings

Douglas County has adopted a no-smoking policy for all of its buildings and vehicles.


By a 22-3 vote Thursday, County Board Supervisors instructed Corporation Counsel Ric Felker to draft appropriate ordinance, including penalties and methods of enforcement.

Several supervisors argued the policy is needed to protect Douglas County from lawsuits given the recent Environmental Protection Agency determination that second-hand smoke is as great a health risk as smoking itself.

Advisory referendum scheduled on fate of Middle River facility

Douglas County voters can give their opinion on April 6 about several options under consideration for the Middle River Health Care Facility.

During 1993, the facility is projected to lose about $450,000, money that is paid out of taxes levied on personal property. In the aftermath of controversy that surrounded closure of the Parkland Health Care Facility, Douglas County Board Supervisors want voters to participate in deciding Middle River’s fate.

Constructing a new facility is only one of several options under consideration. Other proposals include remodeling and expansion of the existing structure, sale of the existing operation and construction of a new facility followed by its sale to a private operator.

Jan. 23, 1933

Two leading in queen contest


Myrtle Greenseth and Patsy Kingston are leading in the contest to select a queen for the ice carnival February 10-11 at the Superior Curling and Skating club, according to votes tabulated at the first report Saturday night at the club. Other candidates are Marian Hanks, Bess Erhart and Jane Ryan.

Foxboro store damaged $300 by Sunday fire

A truck from the South Superior fire station made a run to Foxboro Sunday night to extinguish a fire in the Provost-Scheistle general store.

The alarm came in at 9:13 by telephone. Damage was estimated at about $300. Fire officials said the blaze was caused by wood being too near a chimney.

Berthiaumes move store

E.S. and Fred Berthiaume, owners of Berthiaume Brothers’ grocery store at Tower avenue and Eleventh street, announced Monday that they will move their store into a new location at 1415-1417 Tower avenue on or about April 1.

Roth's department store in Superior was ahead of its time

Superior News

Youths arrested

Two youths, one 14 years of age and the other 17, were arrested by Deputy Sheriff Art Sedin Sunday. They were hunting along the St. Louis river without licenses. They were released from custody.

012023.N.ST.Past.Ice 1.jpg
Many committees lend assistance in planning ice carnival February 10-11. Front: Florence Henshaw, Junior Girzi, Buddy Olsen and Barbara Bogan; second row, Robert Tancig, James Gray Waite, Billy Springer and James Tancig; back row, Jane Cohan, Marcia Beck, Barbara Smith and Marjory Minor. Jan. 21, 1933 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

Scouts to plant fish

Boy Scouts will receive cans of pike and bass from the state conservation commission for planting in Newman lake, it was announced by George B. Lowe, scout executive. The number of cans of fish the scouts will receive is not known, Mr. Lowe said.

Skate used in holdup effort

Edward Lucia, 26, and a juvenile were being held in the city jail Monday after attempting Sunday night to hold up a man in the street in front of 420 Grand avenue. The pair were arrested in the act. A third youth got away from Patrolman Ernest Frederick. Frederick arrested the near hold-up victim on a charge of drunkenness.

Officer Frederick reported to Chief A.E. Buchanan that as he walked north on Grand avenue, he saw a drunken man walking in the street. As Frederick approached, three young men came around the corner of Fourth and Grand and ran toward the man in the street. Police did not reveal the victim’s name

The Peaceful Quilters have been meeting at the home of Jean Hennessy every Tuesday of every week of every year since Sept. 13, 1977. Clockwise, Tillie Blair, Drucilla Paquette, Maureen Koenen, Barb Carey, Mary Ensworth and Pat Litchke do some of the hand stitching involved in the making of a quilt. Jan. 23, 1993 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

“Stick ‘em up,” said one of the trio as he shoved a skate into the drunk’s abdomen. “If you don’t we’ll blow your stomach out.”

At this time Officer Frederick intervened, grabbing two of the youths.

“We were only fooling,” the boys told Frederick. “We were going to take him home.”

But the victim, who said he was from Duluth, refused to back up the boys’ story, declaring, “I never saw these boys in my life.”

Frederick took the Duluth man and his two captives to headquarters. The third youth was being sought Monday.

Jan. 23, 1993

Clubs busy, fun at Northwestern Middle School

By Carolyn Kucharyski

Inventing the marble mover: John Grube, left, demonstrates how his invention works while Shilo Rutzen watches. Jan. 23, 1993 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

Some Friday mornings, students go to clubs rather than to homeroom. In the dance club, students learn different dances such as the “Achy Breaky.” In the game board club, students play different kinds of board games.

One of the most interesting clubs is Mr. Cowley’s invention club. The students in this club are trying to keep a marble moving as long as possible by making a contraption to keep the marble moving.

John Grube’s is very interesting because it is made out of 29 toilet paper tubes. Grube is in the seventh grade.

Eighth graders Mike Chronister and Grant Saari have an interesting invention that is a stool with cardboard tubes wrapped around it.

Ryan Wiisanen and Cullan Bartol are using a helium balloon, and when it sinks the marble will drop out and roll on the chalkboard ledge.

Jeremiah Johnson Jan. 23, 1993 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

Maranatha Academy announces annual “Geography Bee” winner

Jerimiah Johnson, a fifth grade student at Maranatha Academy, won the school-level competition of the National Geography. The school winners, including Johnson, will now take a written test. Those achieving the top 100 scores in each state will then be eligible to compete in their state bee April 2.

Jeff Haskins’ kick sends water high in the air, as he displays his winning stroke in the 100-yard butterfly event Tuesday afternoon at the Superior Senior School pool where the Spartans hosted Proctor in a Lake Superior Conference dual meet. Haskins won the event, finishing more than a second ahead of teammate Jim Nicodemus, the second place finisher. Jan. 20, 1993 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram
Trapped under the basket after grabbing a rebound, Two Harbors’ Mandy Johnson, right, looks to get rid of the ball while Superior Spartan Carolyn Bare tries trapping Johnson against the baseline under the basket. Action took place Tuesday night at the SSHS gym. Jan. 20, 1993 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram
012023.N.ST.Past. Bball 2.jpg
Superior’s Greta Nelson, No. 23, pulls up and gets ready to put up this short jump shot during the second quarter action of Tuesday night’s Superior-Two Harbors girls’ basketball game at the SSHS gym. Agates’ Diana Olson, No. 43, gets an arm up in an attempt to block the shot. Jan. 20, 1993 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram
SSHS defenseman Andy Terzewski tries clearing this loose puck in front of the Superior net while Hermantown players Brian McDonald, No. 14 and Chris Bodell, No. 17, look for a chance to take a shot. Spartan goalie Rick Warring is poised for that possibility. Action took place Thursday night at Wessman Arena where Hermantown handed Superior a 3-0 defeat. Jan. 22, 1993 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

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