Douglas County Past: Singing sensation returns home to Superior, CCC camp at Pattison Park splits

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Gary Meader / Duluth News Tribune
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June 24, 1938

Poplar boy’s body is found

The body of a 13-year-old Poplar boy who drowned while swimming in Lake Minnesuing Thursday was recovered Friday about 10 a.m.

The boy was Joel Jacobson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Axel Jacobson.

The boy and two companions were on a raft which started to float out into the lake, according to the sheriff’s office, and the victim jumped into a drop-off, while the others leaped to safety in shallow water.


Surviving besides his parents are a brother, Roy and five sisters, Rose, Augusta, Alma, Alvina and Laverne, all of Poplar.

June 24, 1947

GN building boxcars at shops in city

Construction of 500 new boxcars at the Great Northern railway shops in Superior is now underway, C.O. Hooker, superintendent, said Tuesday.

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Frames for the box cars are being constructed at the Superior shops, following which the body of the car is completed at the shops at St. Cloud, Minnesota.

The boxcar-building project is part of a major equipment program of the railroad, which also includes the addition of more diesel power units to the system.

Boxcar frames are being turned out at the shops in Superior at the rate of “approximately eight a day,” Hooker said.

062422.N.ST.Past Nebagamon.jpg
Edward James and Janice Mae Drolson, children of Mr. and Mrs. Lundy Drolson of Lake Nebagamon, are shown above at the party given in honor of Edward’s fourth birthday recently. His sister is 8. Games were played and refreshments served to a number of small guests. June 24, 1938 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

Juveniles to face court for vandalism


Four South Superior juveniles who have admitted over-turning 53 monuments and gravestones in the Hebrew cemetery will be brought before Judge A. Walter Dahl in juvenile court Thursday, 2 p.m.

The youths, ranging in age from 14 to 16, were arrested by Deputy Sheriff Louis Bannick last Wednesday, and upon questioning by District Attorney Andy Borg’s staff, admitted the acts of vandalism.

Bannock received a $250 reward from the Hebrew Cemetery association for his alertness in solving the case.

June 25, 1947

Police to give welcome cards to summer visitors

Superior police this summer will be handing out yellow tickets to motorists, but they will not bear the usual “summons” instructions. Instead they will be welcome notices printed specially for tourists, extending to them greetings from the city and offering assistance.

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The greetings printed on the card bear the message:

“You are cordially welcomed to Superior by the police department and our citizens. Superior is glad to see you and wants you to return. You are not expected to observe the one-hour parking rules.”


062422.N.ST.Past Trundle.jpg
A tiny, slumbering model demonstrates the “Trundle Bundle,” a garment constructed in Superior. June 25, 1947 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

Superior baby product finds wider market

A new Superior product, the “Trundle Bundle” is gaining in favor as its advantages become known by the mothers of the nation, company officials declare. Designed by Dr. Earl E. Carpenter, of Superior, the “Trundle Bundle,” as demonstrated by the tiny, slumbering model, is constructed to “baby won’t have to fight confining bed clothes, allowing complete freedom of movement without danger of becoming uncovered.”

Alarmed at the heavy death rate of children under 4 years old by strangling in their bed clothes, Dr. Carpenter began work on a garment that would minimize this danger. Launched several months ago by Superior dealers, the “Trundle Bundle” is finding an increasingly wide market. John C. Snyder, general manager of the concern, who returned recently from the east with Dr. Carpenter, said that leading department stores in New York, Washington, D.C. and Chicago had placed orders with the company.

062422.N.ST.Past Ostby.jpg
Mrs. Bryn Ostby, center, poses with relatives from Oslo, Norway: Miss Helen Grimstvedt, right, and Miss Gunvor Tredal. June 25, 1947 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

Trip to Ostby home unites relatives from Oslo, Norway

“Strange Coincidence” might aptly be the title of this picture. Shown here with Mrs. Bryn Ostby, in the center, are Miss Helen Grimstvedt, left and Miss Gunvor Thedal, both of Oslo, Norway.

This is Miss Tredal’s first visit to this section of the United States, while Miss Grimstvedt has just graduated from St. Olaf’s College at Northfield, Minnesota.

Both these women, not knowing each other, boarded the same train at Minneapolis last weekend and made the trip to Superior. Getting off at the Union depot, they were met by Mrs. Bryn Ostby. Imagine the surprise of these two when they discovered, after being introduced to each other by Mrs. Ostby, that they were both en route to visit the Ostbys.

Miss Grimstvedt is a cousin of Bryn Ostby on his mother’s side and Miss Tredal is a daughter of Ostby’s niece on his father’s side. This photo was taken at the Ostby residence.

062422.N.ST.Past Dorothy.jpg
Dorothy Blaine June 26, 1947 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

June 26, 1947

Dorothy Blaine, singing star, back here for rest from New York Tempo

“When it comes time for a vacation there’s no place like Superior to get a real rest, enjoy home-cooked food, and get away from the din and roar of New York City.”

This is the frank and enthusiastic comment of Dorothy Blaine, better known to her friends in her home city of Superior as Dorothy O’Kash, but recognized in the entertainment world as one of America’s newest singing sensations.

Dorothy is home once again for a rest — and in her own words to get away from the fast tempo of New York City — to really relax and to enjoy her favorite sports. She intends to vacation strictly in the Northland, fishing, boating, swimming, horseback riding, and will also attend baseball games of Superior Blues, as she is very enthusiastic about baseball and is a staunch supporter of the home team.

She is staying with her folks, Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas O’Kash, 1716 N. Third St., and is accompanied by her press agent, Senia Gamsa, who also happens to be her husband.

Dorothy just finished an engagement at the nightclub “Last Frontier,” at Las Vegas, Nevada, and while there also had the chance to see the famed Flamingo club, a $7,000,000 establishment owned by the late Benjamin “Busgy” Siegel, noted gangster who has been allegedly murdered.

Since leaving Superior in 1937 she has climbed the proverbial ladder of success and has reached the pinnacle in the entertainment world. She has received “rave” notices from the leading newspapers of the country in cities where she has appeared because of her warm personality, her unique style of singing and the presentation of her numbers.

062422.N.ST.Past Boy.jpg
Ernest “Rusty” McQuade Johnson, 5-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Johnson, 621 Weeks Ave., seems to have reached the acme of pleasure in this picture. What more could a boy ask for than a friendly puppy, a fish pole – and, oh yes, the corn-cob pipe. The pipe, however, is strictly a “prop” and Ernest doesn’t indulge in the “weed,” although he has a fondness for playing with the gadget. The puppy’s name is “Peanuts,” chosen because of his master’s fondness for that delicacy. June 26, 1947 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

June 27, 1938

Pattison CCC camp is split

Pattison Park Civilian Conservation Corps will be divided July 1 to reopen St. Croix Falls camp.

The division of the crack CCC camp personnel will result in the shifting of Captain Robert F. Bates from the Pattison camp to St. Croix Falls.

Camp Pattison, former headquarters for this area of the CCC, and Camp Brule, present headquarters camp, have been regarded as two of the outstanding CCC camps, in personnel and appearance, for some time.

Shifting of a part of the youths enrolled at Pattison will take from the Superior region a large number of youths who have battled Douglas County forest fires and highwaters and who have been employed in the beautification of Pattision Park.

June 27, 1947

VFW parade set Saturday

Highlights of the Veterans of Foreign Wars state encampment which will be of special interest to spectators will include the drum corps, drill team and band competition at Municipal stadium Friday and the parade Saturday. The parade Saturday afternoon will form on Belknap and is scheduled to start at 3 p.m. In addition to the various marching units, approximately 25 musical organizations will appear in the parade.

062422.N.ST.Past parade 1.jpg
Scenes from the great parade of the Veterans of Foreign Wars’ state encampment Saturday, witnessed by 25,000 people, include the color section of the second district. June 27, 1938 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram
062422.N.St.Past paul buynan.jpg
Superior and visiting Veterans of foreign Wars witnessed the second annual Paul Bunyan parade, allegedly 777.7 miles long, Thursday afternoon. It took kids from an entire neighborhood to raise up and display Paul Bunyan’s pipe. June 24, 1938 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram
062422.N.St.Past Cooties.jpg
Little Joyce Brown, 724 Fisher Ave., got an unexpected ride down Tower Avenue from these two visiting delegates to the state VFW encampment. The two Cooties carrying Joyce are C.A. Byrnes, La Crosse, left and Ivo Haines, also of La Crosse. June 27, 1947 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram
062422.N.ST.Past clown.jpg
No. 1 clown in Cootie frivolities Thursday night was Cootie A.M. Anderson, Superior. Just where Anderson lost his clothes remained a military secret among the Cooties, but the barrel he wears proved ample during fine summer weather prevailing for the convention. June 27, 1947 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram
062422.N.St.Past VFW.jpg
Delegates from Kenosha in southern Wisconsin get acquainted here with Superior vets and one from Wentworth. Left to right are Frank Barry, Superior; Richard L. Miga, Kenosha; John Hawley, Superior; O. Sage, Wentworth and Bill Kemplin and Maurice Meyers, both of Kenosha. June 26, 1947 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram
062422.N.ST.Past flags.jpg
Mrs. Milly Mokelke, Milwaukee, patriotic instructor for the state Veterans of Foreign Wars auxiliary, presented two flags to Superior youth centers at the joint session Thursday at the Palace Theater. Left to right, with Mokelke, are Franklin Cox, who received a flag for the Salvation Army Youth Center, and Delores Russell and Ron Sinclair, who received a flag for the City Youth Center which will be established at the YMCA. June 26, 1947 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram
062422.N.St.Past Ad.jpg
Advertisement from the June 25, 1947 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

Articles and pictures courtesy of retired librarian Judy Aunet with Superior Public Library.

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