Douglas County Past: Pro photographer returns to Superior; Area cows in demand

From the Oct. 1, 1947 Telegram: "Miss Bubley, who for the past three years has been a photographer for the Standard Oil company, working out of the New York office, has been assigned the task of

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Gary Meader / Duluth News Tribune
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Sept. 30, 1947

Novice Superior archer gets deer on first expedition

First bow-and-arrow deer hunter in Superior and Douglas County to report a successful hunt was Eugene Jackson, 1704 21st St., a novice archer who bagged a deer his first time out.

Jackson was hunting south of county trunk M below the Chaffey Settlement area with Dick Mahoney when he bagged a 145-pound doe.

He was using a bow with a 52-pound pull, and estimates his shot was from 35 to 40 yards. It was his first attempt at archery, and the only shooting he had done previous to getting his quarry was 10 or 12 practice shots before he went into the woods.


First successful deer hunter during the current archery season in Douglas County is Eugene Jackson, 1704 21st St., who bagged a 145-pound doe near County Trunk M in the southern part of the county Sunday afternoon. Oct. 1, 1947 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

Oct. 1, 1947

Former Superior girl, pro photographer, here on industrial picture assignment

Superior’s importance as an industrial center will be given nationwide coverage when one of its native daughters, Esther Bubley, 1002 Hammond Avenue, completes an extensive picture-taking and material-gathering project here.

Esther Bubley Oct. 1, 1947 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

Miss Bubley, who for the past three years has been a photographer for the Standard Oil company, working out of the New York office, has been assigned the task of taking from 600-700 photographs of the industrial activity in Superior and also gathering material on those industries for a permanent file of the oil firm.

This is the first time Esther has been home to see her folks in two years.

Esther has had an interesting career so far in photography — which has enabled her to do considerable traveling to different parts of the country. She first became interested in this work when she was attending Superior Central, of which she is a graduate. She attended Superior State College from 1937 to 1939 and then left for Minneapolis where she took a one-year course in photography. She spent the next six months trying to interest firms in hiring a woman photographer, but didn’t have any luck.

In 1941 she went to New York and from September to December she was employed by Vogue magazine taking fashion photographs and shots of merchandise. In December of 1941 she was hired by the Office of War Information at Washington, D.C.

One piece of work for which she received nationwide attention and which might be considered her outstanding achievement in photography is a feature entitled “Oil Town, USA” which appeared about a year ago in “Coronet” magazine.


Woman hurt when stove explodes

Mrs. Chelsey Buxton, 5015 East Second Street, received head injuries Wednesday morning when one of the gas ovens at the Arrow Cafe, 2216 E. Fifth St., exploded, wrecking the stove and shaking buildings on both sides of the cafe .

Pauline Langvand Oct. 2, 1947 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

She was taken to St. Francis hospital at 8:10 a.m. by Howard Hammerbeck, who heard the explosion in his place of business nearby.

Mrs. Buxton was in the cafe alone at the time of the mishap and could give no explanation of what happened. M. J. Madsen, proprietor of the cafe, didn’t know the cause of the accident and said that the sides, bottom and door of the oven were blown off causing damage of over $400.

Joins choir group

SOLON SPRINGS – As one of the Minnehaha Singers, Miss Pauline Langvand, daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. P.A. Langvand, Solon Springs, will soon start a tour with the chorus in towns in the Twin City area. Miss Langvand is attending Minnehaha academy at Minneapolis as a junior. Her admittance to the choir of 90 voices was learned by her parents this week.

Oct. 3, 1922

Douglas County cows in demand


L.E. Scholes of Des Moines, Iowa has arrived in Superior for the purpose of purchasing a carload of high grade Guernsey dairy stock to be shipped to his large dairy farm near the Iowa metropolis.

Sholes said he was attracted to Douglas County by the fact that tuberculosis proved stock can now be gotten all over upper Wisconsin. Among the lot to be shipped today or tomorrow will be one of George C. Cooper’s pedigreed sires.

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With Mr. Scholes is the old Wentworth pioneer N.C. Nissly, who is now loading his second carload of Holstein grades for his farm in Iowa. The animals were bought and shipped from Wentworth, Poplar and Maple.

Oct. 3, 1922

Sailstad probe to be launched

Possibility that Douglas County authorities will probe the alleged death of Edward J. Sailstad at Lake Nebagamon the night of Aug 26-27, 1920, in an effort to establish whether Sailstad was murdered or died in the fire of the Pollock cottage, was admitted by District Attorney Robert E. Kennedy today following a secret conference with Mrs. Augusta Sailstad, mother of the missing man.

Kennedy refused to reveal the basis of the investigation because of the possibility of frustrating its object.

093022.N.ST.Past.Timber Harvest.jpg
Competing in the log sawing contest at the Timber Harvest Field Day, Ivan Johnson, Lake Nebagamon, is shown as he sawed through a log in 14 seconds to win the championship in the Swedish bow saw division. In the background looking on and steadying the log are, from left to right, Manly Sharp county agriculture agent, G.W. Cathers, John S. Batting, Karl Helwig, Emil Tahtinen and Tom Hoaks, timer. Oct. 3, 1947 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

Oct. 3, 1947

Yearly timber harvest stressed at Field Day

GORDON – A good crowd turned out Thursday in spite of inclement weather to take part in the second annual Timber Harvest field day at the experimental forest three and a half miles northwest of Gordon, with the event stressing the need of farmers to plan on long range forestry as an annual source of income.

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The morning program consisted of demonstrations with a power disc and a power saw, a tour of the forest area and speeches by forestry officials and Manly Sharp, Douglas County agricultural agent.

Competition in the sawing contest was close with Ivan Johnson, Lake Nebagamon, beating Elmer Carlson, Gordon, in the Swedish bow sawing event by four seconds. Carlson taking 18 seconds and Johnson 14 to saw through a 7-inch log.

It was nip and tuck in the one man crosscut with Lyle Downy, Pattison Park, sawing through a log in 13 seconds and Lyman Christman, Lampson, doing the chore in 14 seconds.

093022.N.St.PAst.Timber 3.jpg
Three foresters attending the day-long field day are shown as they discussed forestry problems over their coffee after eating dinner at the Douglas County Bird Sanctuary clubhouse. From left to right are Lyle Downy, Pattison Park and John S. Batting and Fred W. Shaver, both of Solon Springs. Oct. 3, 1947 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram
The Shrine circus is coming. And just to make sure that children in the Superior Children’s Home and St. Joseph’s orphanage don’t miss the big event, co-chairman Harvey C. Buchanan, of Superior, and Al Anson, Duluth, are extending a personal invitation to the youngsters at both homes. Left to right are Buchaman, the Rev. Fr. Leo Block, of St. Joseph’s orphanage, and Anson. Oct. 1, 1947 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

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