Douglas County Past: East High releases honor roll; South Range girl wins speech contest

Headlines from Douglas County's past.

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Gary Meader / Duluth News Tribune

May 5, 1933

Joint school plan opposed

Opposition to the consolidation of the town of Superior grade schools with South Superior school and the construction of a consolidated grade and high school was voiced by township residents Wednesday night at a meeting at the Black River Falls school.

Recently a proposal that the schools in the district be combined with South Superior school was made.

MacQuarrie and Beecroft — Superior Central's literary stars

Residents opposed the proposal that the school be built adjacent to the Bryant school in South Superior and not in the central part of the district. They also pointed out that transportation costs would be greater as students from the outlying districts would be forced to travel greater distances daily. At present there are four state graded schools in the district, the Black River, Billings, Borea and Selden.


Shooting case almost ready for the jury

Both state and defense rested shortly before noon Friday in the trial in Superior court of Leon Johnston and Thomas Gilbert, charged with assault with intent to rob John Anderson of Manitou Falls. Anderson was shot three times the evening of February 20 when two men entered his home. Johnston and Gilbert were extradited from Missouri to stand trial on the charge.

Up and down the street

Wild turkeys planted in the woods near Yellow lake have been reported sighted near Solon Springs, according to residents there. The birds were planted near Yellow lake last autumn.

John Ennis, Superior fireman and ardent angler says he is not so anxious to grab any big rainbows anymore after what he saw near the Winneboujou bridge this week. Returning from fishing, he found an angler with a finger nearly bitten off. The angler explained that he had been trying to remove the hook from a big rainbow’s mouth and the fish convulsively closed its mouth on his hand.

May 5, 1938

Tree planting demonstration set in county

Members of the Brule CCC camp will stage a demonstration on forest planting at the Ralph Koski farm near Waino Wednesday at 10 a.m., R.O. Ralph, county agent, said Thursday.


The demonstration Wednesday will show the proper methods of selecting favorable places in the woodlot to do underplanting. Selection of desirable species for planting in various locations with varying amounts of shade will also be explained.

May 6, 1933

South Range girl winner

Marjorie Muliken of the South Range school won the county oratorical contest at Lake Nebagamon Friday night and will represent the county at Drummond in the inter-county oratorical contest. There were 17 contestants at the Lake Nebagamon contest.

Lois Winner, of the Billings school, who recently won the county declamatory contest, will also compete at the Drummond contest.

The footprint of the Grand Foot Path in Douglas County

Miss Muliken was awarded the trip to Drummond because she was scored higher by the judges than Beth Blackmore of Brule who recently won the Rotary county oratorical contest.

Second place in the Nebagamon contest went to Ruth Eklof, of the Billings school; third to Virginia Black, Nebagamon school, and fourth to Sigrid Maki, Corner school.

Superior news in brief


Gives ducks to poor – Mrs. M.E. Moran, 2516 East Seventh street, has turned over a number of live ducks to the outdoor relief department to be distributed to needy families in the city, it was learned Saturday. She reports that she’ll soon have another flock since four dozen eggs are now in the process of hatching.

Two girls head East High roll of honor

Betty Ann Johnson and Dorothy Latscher, with 16 points, head the honor roll for April at East high. Virginia Nordholm, Lorraine Johnson and Thelma Bjorkman each earned 15 grade points for the month.

New members of Douglas county Board seated at meeting this week. Left to right, Charles Peterson, I. Engebretsen, George Wassum, Edward M. Nelson, Albin Anderson. Nelson is the new supervisor from the town of Superior, Wassum is the new representative from the Tenth ward, Engebretsen is the new supervisor from the town of Wascott, Peterson represents the Ninth ward and Anderson is the new supervisor from the town of Hawthorne. Not pictured is Frank Bergquist, who replaced Roy Guest as supervisor from the town of Gordon. May 5, 1933 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

Others receiving high grades follow: 14 points, Esther Wellman, Grace Mooney, Lois Lundeen Claire Kurrasch, Dorothy Dahl, Albert Vriesacker and Robert Jay. Thirteen points, Elizabeth Jenness, Maybelle Johnson, Grace Johnson, Philomen Morisset, Mildred Cronemiller, Cecille Barnard, Leonard Miller and Goldwin McLellan.

Twelve grade points include Helen Turnquist, Lorraine Schiller, Jennie Lee, Lorraine Johnson, Rose Horyza, Elaine Barr, Roberta Dodd, Phyllis Dodd, Alice Cosen, Shirley Carriar, James Paulus, Joseph Nelson and Chester Anderson.

May 7, 1938

Nemadji over banks on Bardon Avenue

Swollen by nearly two weeks of heavy rains, the Nemadji river Saturday was far above average level and at one point — 58th street and Bardon avenue — covered the road.


Automobile driving was impossible over 58th street Saturday due to the condition of the highway.

Many upper state streams have swollen the last two weeks due to the heavy rains.

Citizenship hearings set

Fifty-three petitioners for hearings on naturalization will be heard before Circuit Judge W.R. Foley and a naturalization examiner May 23, 9 a.m., Charles Nelson, clerk of courts reported Saturday.

Petitioners are as follows: Rade Rajacich, Roger Hovland, Bara Piesko, Martin Rustad, David Welsh, Sigvart Anderson, Louis Long, Karoline Pashibin, Arne J. Albertsen, Siina Elo, Petra Maria Pedersen, Elizabeth S. Larson, Tora Peterson Grandhagen, Agnes L. Nelson, Margit O. Klugness, Andrew Mileta.

Gunerius Christianson, Mike Kowal, Esther Lee, Albin Bong, Alfred Erickson Hall, Jennie M. Hermanson, John West, Anders H. Reipsar, Evert Kauppinen, Theresia Griph, Anton Adams, Frank Kulasinski, John A. Maki, Julia Kuran Kolek, Eva L. Kowalik, Einar Daniel Modeen.

Ida Carolina Olson, Mary Haug, Anna Oless, Elmer Salo, Ada Swalm, Gustave E. Krenz, Andrew Simark, Mary Fautsch, Jennie A. Erickson, Theophiel C. Liebaert, Frances Lisak, Mary M. Fudally, Rose Smith, Hilma Carlson, Carl Schyldt, Isaac Guimond, Gurine Myklebust, Markel Karina Morken, Mina Lund, Adam Matussewski and Charles Reed.

May 8, 1933


Crew of Norse vessel here from home town of port collector

When the Norwegian steamer Henneseid arrived at the Great Northern merchandise dock here Monday morning, O.A. Berg, deputy collector of customs, received a pleasant surprise. He found that the boat is from his home town in Norway, Porsgrunn, and that members of the crew knew some of his relatives.

The Henneseid will leave the local harbor sometime Monday for Chicago. The boat is carrying a cargo of sulphite for Superior, Green Bay and Escanaba and about 100 tons of fish for Chicago.

Superior news in brief

Kicked by horse — David Larson, 5-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Larson, Borea, was taken to St. Mary’s hospital with a fractured jaw Sunday afternoon. Hospital attaches said the boy was kicked by a horse. His condition is not serious, it was said.

Up and down the street

A.B. Lang, 1928 Banks avenue, wishes it known that he is not the new poundmaster. For several days he has been receiving calls from citizens asking him to dispose of dogs.

Children who will observe Mother’s day at their respective homes Sunday are pictured here. Left to right, top row, Diane Ruth Melang of Milwaukee, who spent the Easter holidays with her grandmother, Mrs. Mayme Maire, 1302 Ogden avenue; Tommy and Lester Ludtke Jr., sons of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Ludtke, 5805 Tower avenue; Janet Peterson, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Peterson, 2011 Missouri avenue; Janet Rose Bingham, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Bingham, 1515 Banks avenue. Bottom row: Gerald Korte of Milwaukee, visiting grandparents Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Korte, 1518 Broadway; Edward Gudowski Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Gudowski, 1203 Weeks ave; Mary Ann Hughes, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hughes, 1407 Fifty-sixth street; Mary Jo Arndt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacek Arndt, 1206 ½ Grand avenue; Marlys McLaggan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sherman McLaggan, 1412 Tower avenue. May 7, 1938 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

Articles and pictures courtesy of retired librarian Judy Aunet with Superior Public Library.

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