Douglas County Past: Dead coucilman's name to appear on ballot; Family gathers to celebrate Borea couple

From the March 12, 1913 Telegram: "Last Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Gust. C. Warner of Borea, this county, were greatly surprised when nine of their 10 children gathered unknown to the old folks for a family reunion and celebration of their 45th wedding anniversary at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Warner."

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Gary Meader / Duluth News Tribune

March 10, 1913

Injuries will not be fatal

Despite the injuries sustained by him, Charles Wass, proprietor of a shoe repair shop on Broadway, who was found lying on the ice under the Interstate bridge on Friday morning, will recover.

Wass sustained fractures of both legs, one arm, a thigh, his shoulder, and received bad cuts on the head in his fall from the bridge. When the accident occurred is not known but Wass was discovered about 7 o’clock in the morning.

City news


Two given hearings — Nels Erickson and Charles Freeman, the pair who are charged with holding up Ben Luck at Grand avenue and North Third street in broad daylight at noon Saturday are having their preliminary examination in the municipal court this afternoon.

Champions of the district for the first time in history, East high’s strong team will carry the hopes of the upper state to the state tournament at Madison. Members of the squad, pictured left to right above, are, front row, Manager Harold Mills, Edward Novozinski, Melvin Johnson, Clarence Waletzko, Ruben Hudson and Joe Idziorek; back row, Edward Urbaniak, Edmund Marcuk, Kenneth Schiller, Captain George Peck, Bartley Gall, Edward Rotsaert and Coach Pete Guzy. March 13, 1933 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

Stovepipe to blame — A defective stovepipe caused a fire at a residence, 3506 Twenty-first street at 2 o’clock today, resulting in $250 damage to the building and $75 to the furniture. The house is owned by Chas. Kopp and occupied by Dan Lannehan.

Marriage licenses — Marriage licenses were issued this morning at the office of the county clerk to Jacob Maki and Amelia Hankanen of Duluth and Waina Haryu and Eli Abeth Tillenson of Maple.

March 10, 1933

Superior news in brief

Nelson to speak — State Senator Phillip E. Nelson, Maple, will speak over WEBC Monday night at 6 o’clock on “The Equalization Bill,” now pending before the state legislature, it was announced Friday by W.R. Davies, superintendent of city schools.

March 11, 1913

County board men view rock crusher


Twenty members of the Douglas county board this morning journeyed to the Superior Crushed Rock company’s plant at Rockmont, to look over the equipment with a view to having first hand information as to the advisability of trading the new workhouse site for the rock crushing property. Following dinner at the rock crusher headquarters the board members returned to the city.

City news

Two were abusive — Frank St. John used abusive language, and George Melhick abused his parents, so Judge Parker sentenced both to pay fines of $23 and costs, or go to the county workhouse for 30 days. Four other drunks whose offense consisted of acquiring jags were fined $5 and costs or 10 days.

The footprint of the Grand Foot Path in Douglas County

March 11, 1933

Cigarets valued at $350 stolen at O’Brien home

Thieves, sometime before 9:30 p.m. Friday evening entered the home of F.J. and George O’Brien, 1402 Cypress avenue, and stole 11 cases of cigarets, valued at approximately $350.

Entrance to the residence was gained through a basement window. The cases were carried out through the back door of the house.

Illness fatal to councilman


John P. Mahan, 63, councilman for the Second ward, died Saturday morning at five minutes to 10. He died at St. Francis hospital where he had undergone a major operation Monday.

Councilman Mahan would have in April served out four years as a member of the council. He was first elected to the council in 1929 with the installation of the present form of city government. He was re-elected in 1931 and was a candidate for re-election in the March primaries this year.

Mr. Mahan’s name is printed on the primary ballot for the March 14 election. City Clerk R.E. McKeague declared that as far as he knows now the ballots will not be re-printed, but Mr. Mahan’s name will remain in position. The two highest ranking candidates will have their names on the final ballot.

Crowning of Jean McBride as basketball queen at Central high school had just been completed recently at the Central gym following the Central-Ladysmith game when the above picture was taken. Miss McBride is shown on her throne, surrounded by her “court.” On her right, from front to back, are Thais Reavie, fifth place winner; and Esther Keto, fourth; and on her left are, front to back, Louise Bedard, second; Roberta Rood, third; and Ella Beattie, sixth. In the foreground is Marvel Mahnke, crown bearer. Lined along the wall are, left to right, Elsworth Argetsinger, Bernard Benson and John Dolan, buglers; Bud Linder, page; and Robert Lawson, James Jones and Donald Ostlund, buglers. March 10, 1933 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

Name winners at ag school

The list of prize winners at the Douglas county farm school held at the vocational school this week was announced Saturday morning by C.L. Wildner, secretary of the Association of Commerce, sponsors.

Winners of prizes for eggs put on display at the school were A.L. Schlappi, Wentworth, first; Miss Mayme Lasch, Hawthorne, second; Amnicon Farms, South Range, third; T.F. Anderson, Superior, fourth; Mrs. A. Jacobson, Station B, fifth.

Potatoes: Harry Zant, South Range, first and third; T.N. Thorson, Station B, second; Adolph Nelson, Station B, fourth; Ole Nordley, South Range, fifth. Seeds: Paul Anderson, Poplar, won all five.

March 12, 1913


Sons and daughters surprise venerable Douglas County couple at Borea home

Sons and daughters surprise venerable Douglas County couple at Borea home. Top row, from left to right, Miss Mathilda Warner, Mrs. P.M. Berg, Mrs. Louis Rasmussen, Mrs. H.M. Beckett, Mrs. Ole Berg, Mrs. John Johnson, Miss Dora Warner. Sitting from left to right, Wm. G. Warners, Gust C. Warner, Mrs. Gust C. Warner, Emil G. Warner and Caleb L. Warner. March 12, 1913 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

Last Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Gust. C. Warner of Borea, this county, were greatly surprised when nine of their 10 children gathered unknown to the old folks for a family reunion and celebration of their 45th wedding anniversary at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Warner.

The old folks were so taken by surprise when on Saturday morning the Soo train pulled in to the station with two of their children and the afternoon train brought three more and a little later, O.A. Berg came out accompanied by their oldest son, Caleb Warner, that Mr. and Mrs. Warner could hardly utter a word.

Two arrested at springs

Thomas Collins and Arthur Conners were brought to Superior this morning by Marshal Al Hunter of Solon Springs. Mr. Hunter, who is a former member of the Superior fire department, is now the police department of the summer resort on Lake St. Croix.

Collins and Conners are charged with assaulting Peter Kornstad, a resident of the town of Parkland, with a dangerous weapon.

According to Kornstad, the two men jumped into the rig he was driving yesterday and ordered him to hurry his team as they desired to get to Solon Springs in time to catch a train. Kornstad demurred to this, saying that he did not care to overwork his horses. Then one of the men drew a gun, took hold of the reins and drove the team.

The matter was reported to Marshal Hunter who trailed the men and placed them under arrest. There were no weapons on the men when they were arrested.


March 13, 1933

Ex-convicts brought here

Leon Johnston and Thomas Gilbert, ex-convicts charged with the robbing and shooting of John Anderson of Manitou Falls, were to be arraigned in municipal court before Judge F. S. Parker late Monday afternoon.

Deputy Sheriff Arthur Sedin returned to the city from Excelsior Springs, Missouri, with the two men wanted here Sunday night. Sedin made the trip in an automobile. Upon arriving here examination of the clothes of the two prisoners revealed three hack saw blades in one of Johnston’s shoes.

Included in the basketball quits battling for the Twin Ports independent intermediate championship is the crack Ericsson Alumni five. Left to right, Maley, center; Felker, guard; Nord, guard; Grimsrud, forward, Van Arman (captain), forward; Iverson, manager. March 11, 1913 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram
Mrs. Elizabeth Hammerbeck and her relatives at the reception given for her honor on her 75th birthday at the Ogden Avenue Baptist church last Saturday night. Mrs. Hammerbeck has lived in Superior 46 years and is the only one living of those who founded the Ogden Avenue Baptist church. She has living seven children and 23 grandchildren. In the picture, from left to right, front row, Nathalie Skooglun, Alice Skooglun, Mrs. Skooglun, Mrs. Mathias Johnson, Ed Johnson, Mrs. Ed Johnson, Mrs. Hammerbeck, A.J. Hammerbeck, Mrs. H.L. Hammerbeck, Mrs. Findlay, James Findlay, Robert Findlay and Mrs. Minnie Hammerbeck. Back row, left to right, Marilyn Hammerbeck, Vernon Hammerbeck, Mrs. Vernon Hammerbeck, Mrs. Carl A. Bjorkman,Carl Bjorkman, Alden Hammerbeck, Leslie B. Abrahamson, Mrs. Leslie Abrahamson, Glenn Hammerbeck, Mrs. Howard Hammerbeck, Curtis, John and Robert Hammerbeck, Herman Hammerbeck Jr., H.J. Bjorkman, Karl Hammerbeck, Betty Findlay Everett Johnson, Betty Hammerbeck, Alta Hammerbeck, Alex Sandbert, Mrs. Alex Sandberg and Lorraine Hammerbeck. March 10, 1933 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram
Superior high school track team, left to right, top row, (Capt.) Hoehne, Thompson, Halvorsen, Larson, Moore, I.C. Martin (coach), Craven, Lee, G. Larson, Berguland, Omundson, Mibdust and Westlund; second row, U. Olander, Patten, G. Johnson, Radek, Surch, R. Olander, Anderson, Mulligan and Ekstrom; third row, Albright, Snyder, Patterson, Ostrom, Facette, Guinane, R. Shaw, Ryan, Lundquist and Newton; front row, Westerlund, Swanson, Kruschke, Valde, Bartholomew, Brandser, McRostie and Kayo. March 12, 1913 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram
031023.N.ST.Past.Normal quint.jpg
Superior Normal quint wins northern honors. From left to right, sitting, Galleher, Whitney, Connell; standing, Doonan, Gilbert, Capt. Daly. March 12, 1913 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

Articles and pictures courtesy of retired librarian Judy Aunet with Superior Public Library.

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