Douglas County Past: Bennett builds new school; Poplar cannery faces lawsuit

Headlines from Douglas County's past.

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July 8, 1892

After the druggists

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As a result of the proceedings of the state board of pharmacists in Superior recently a warrant was issued today for the arrest of a South Superior druggist named J.D. Stoner.

The offense is for employing unregistered pharmacists. The proceedings are of a quasi-criminal character to recover $50 as required by statute.

After log thieves


A Log Owners’ Association has been organized, the object of which is to pick up stray logs along the shores of the bay and Lake Superior and dispose of them for the benefit of log owners and prevent other parties from getting hold of them. George W. Stevens and L.A. Barber, of Peyton, Kimball & Barber, conceived the idea and the plan suggested by them is to be tried this year.

The plan, it is believed, will put an end to the “poaching” which is so prevalent now. There are men who make it a business and get a good living by gathering in drifting logs which have escaped from rafts.

A mural for the children’s room of the Public library has been designed and is being painted by Corrine Lindford in the art studio of Superior State College. The project is under the supervision of Miss Lucile May, librarian, and Miss Juanita Walker, children’s librarian. Poems, nursery rhymes and fairy tales familiar to children were the source of the material. Lindford attended Superior Central High School and Superior State College. She has just completed her second year at the Minneapolis School of Art. July 10, 1947 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

July 8, 1947

Poplar cannery faces $350,000 court suit

A superior court jury will report Aug. 4 to hear testimony in two suits totaling $389,000 involving the Poplar Cannery company of Poplar and the Bean Sprout Growers association of Duluth.

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The main suit has been filed by the Poplar Cannery for $89,000 against the association charging failure of that firm to pay for the furnishing of labor, services and materials during the period March 1945 to May 1946, inclusive.

Bean Sprout growers, in turn, have filed a countersuit asking $350,000 for alleged improper cooking of food for canning, and poor packing. The association contends that vegetables packed were not salable, and state that as a result of this condition their sales dropped from 40,000 cases a month in 1945 to 9,000 in 1946. They claim they have already paid out $57,000 in refunds to customers for this “bad” merchandise, and are still making refunds to customers on 50,000 cases, valued at $300,000.

July 9, 1892


Another townsite

A large amount of land between South Superior and the Pokegama is being quietly bought up. It is not certain what the buyers have in view, but it is naturally supposed that the land is being syndicated for the purpose of offering cheap manufacturing sites and of printing another suburban townsite. Those most naturally supposed to know profess ignorance.

Cracksmen captured

Poplar PTA recently feted one of its outstanding members, Mrs. William Long, 72, whose record in the organization includes being president for seven years, active in the club for 25 years and continuing to serve in its projects. She has been present at each of its Founders day programs for the past 25 years to cut the birthday cake for the occasion. July 8, 1947 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

The police have been working quietly for a week or two past on a case which is just ready to be made public. Several days ago two men, giving their names as Miller and Holmes, were arrested and today it developed that they were professional cracksmen and had visited Superior with the idea of doing some work here. They made several attempts, and in one or two cases were successful, but did not make any large hauls aside from doing some sneak thief work. Last night Detective De Coursey found their outfit, consisting of a cold chisel, several drills, a blow pipe and a flask of powder. He has been at work on the case all day securing evidence with which to convict them. The men under arrest will not be arraigned until Monday.

Ettie was injured

An interesting breach of promise case will come up at the next term of the circuit court which meets on the 9th of next month. The title of the case is Ettie Stevers vs. Charles Phillips. The fair plaintiff is a very interesting young lady of about 22 summers, and she alleges in her complaint that Charley professed love and adoration for her, and made a proposal of marriage, that she accepted, and fixed the date for the wedding ceremony according to the defendant’s wishes; and that by virtue of said marriage contract, she incurred great expense.

A short time before the day set for the marriage, Phillips came to the plaintiff and informed her that he could not marry her and broke off the engagement. That a short time after this Phillips transferred his affections to another woman and married her.

Her attorneys, McHugh, Lyons & McIntosh, are suing for $10,000 damages as a panacea for the injures she has sustained.


July 10, 1947

Youth waives, is bound over to next court

Donald Bredahl, 19, on appearing in municipal court Thursday morning, withdrew his demand for a preliminary examination and was bound over to superior court for trial on a charge of assault with intent to do great bodily harm. Bail of $1,000 was continued.

His companion in the fight at Lake Nebagamon on June 12, which resulted in fatal injuries to Alfred Anderson, Donald Soderberg, 18, appeared in municipal court July 2, waiving examination on a charge of manslaughter in connection with Anderson’s death. He was likewise bound over to superior court, and bail of $3,000 was furnished.

Both youths have related to District Attorney Andy Borg their part in the fight, according to Borg. Bredahl is alleged to have started the fight at Floyd Christie’s filling station at the lake and Soderberg with having struck Anderson, knocking him to the concrete pavement and inflicting the fatal injuries.

SOLON SPRINGS -- The confirmation class at the Grace English Lutheran church this year included, standing, left to right, Patricia Johnson, Bernita Bakken, the Rev. Olaf Hanson, pastor, Virginia Bakken, Marjorie Dahlberg; seated, left to right, Betty Flamang, Darlene Shave and Alton Role. July 10, 1947
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

July 11, 1892

A large manufacturing plant employing 150 men is making arrangements to locate at Brule, and will send their representative up at once to look over the ground and complete the deal.

F.A. Root who has been general manager has resigned, and will devote his time to other business.

W.W. McBain of AuSable, Michigan, will put in a large mill at once.

The Consolidated company of Pittsburg has accepted a proposition to locate their plant at Brule, and will employ 200 to 300 men.

July 11, 1947

The T-shaped structure of the new Bennett public school is 66 feet long. Upper photo: The left wing of this exposure contains two class rooms. The basement of this wing is the playroom or auditorium and has a stage at the north end. The right wing of the exposure shown here has a classroom and the lavatories. Lower photo: The west wing of the building is shown in its entirety. July 11, 1947 Telegram
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

BENNETT – When Bennett youngsters, books in hand, trod their merry ways back to school this fall, it will be to a brand new modern building instead of the scattered classrooms in various town churches which served as emergency quarters since the burning of the frame school house in February, 1946.

The T-shaped structure of the new Bennett public school is 66 feet long. It stands high on the top of a hill — the same site as the destroyed building — and can be seen from highway 53 only in the spring and winter when foliage of the heavily wooded area around does not hide it from view. One wing of the building contains two class rooms, 22 by 32 feet. The basement of this wing is the playroom or auditorium and has a stage at the north end. The other wing of the building has a class room and the lavatories.

First on Gordon airstrip

GORDON – Bob Nelson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Stan Nelson, had the honor of piloting the first plane to land on the newly constructed airfield at Arnie’s resort owned by Arnie Gullickson, and located two miles northeast of Gordon on the St. Croix River. Young Bob landed his cub plane on the field for the first time on June 12, the day of his graduation from Central High School, Superior. Bob has been an aviation enthusiast for several years and took up flying when he entered Central two years ago. Home in Gordon for the summer, he hopes to continue his education in the fall attending aeronautical school to train for commercial pilot. Several other local air strips have been constructed this year for the facilities of summer visitors who are now able to land within a few miles of their summer homes or favorite fishing spots.

Bennett eighth grade graduates of 1947 are shown above. They are, left to right, front row, Donald Wester, Lorraine Anderson, Jacquelyn Dondineau, Delores Bruland, Eleanor Ostman and Andrew Anderson; back row, Hans Hansen, John Tokar, Mrs. Paulinie Limpach, teacher, and Phillip Pollock. July 8, 1947
Superior Public Library / Superior Telegram

Articles and pictures courtesy of retired librarian Judy Aunet with Superior Public Library.

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