Cooper students pen poetic pieces

Second graders find beauty in nature, trust.

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SUPERIOR — Students in Mrs. N. Olson's second grade classroom at Cooper Elementary School shared their original poetry with the Telegram.

One River

By Axel Girga

One little river is a fun place.

It might seem boring,

but it is so much more.


You can canoe, boat,

and even swim.

So remember

one little thing

can be so much more!


By Cassaundra Sturzenegger-Hall

Trust is a feeling that’s deep in your heart.

But unlike paper you can not glue it or tape it.


So make sure and remember to never stop telling the truth.

Because the trust deep in your heart can always get bigger.

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By Madeline Thompson

If I was sun

I’d shine on the city

I’d shine on the streets

I’d shine everywhere


But I would not shine too bright

And it would feel so right!


By Kya Penney

Butterflies are nice and pretty.

Butterflies are big and wingy.

Butterflies are fast and floaty.

They are amazing creatures!

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