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Watch closely the next time you attend a Superior High School varsity track meet. Wait for a few minutes and you'll see an athlete bouncing back and forth between the track and the jumping pit.

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Watch closely the next time you attend a Superior High School varsity track meet. Wait for a few minutes and you'll see an athlete bouncing back and forth between the track and the jumping pit.

That athlete is senior Christa Diedrich, one of the Spartan girls' best multi-taskers this season.

"It's tough for us coaches actually to decide which four events she's going to be in," said Phil Roe, co-head coach of the Spartan varsity track team.

Diedrich is Superior's leading athlete in the girls long jump and triple jump, but she is also counted on as a runner. This year she has run in the 55, 100, 200, 400 and 800-meter races. She has taken first place at least once in all but the 400.

On top of that, Diedrich runs with the Spartan relay teams.


"Usually I'm busy the whole meet," Diedrich said. "For jumping, I just try to work them in between my races. I usually don't get a break, but I like it that way."

Depending upon which track events she has to run it, Diedrich will either try to get all of her jumps in at once or alternate between running and jumping. When she runs sprints, Diedrich says her jumps are usually better because the short races serve almost as a warm-up. When she runs longer distances, Diedrich gives herself about 10 minutes before making her long jump and triple jump attempts.

"I like doing everything. I think if I only did a couple events, it wouldn't be as fun," Diedrich said.

Diedrich really has done almost everything for the Spartan track and field team. Of the more than one dozen events normally scored at a meet, Diedrich has competed in all but two: the pole vault and the two-mile race.

"I like staying busy, and it's nice to be able to say that I've tried almost everything," Diedrich said.

When she was younger Diedrich threw the shot put and discus. The senior said she considered going out for pole vault so she could say she gave it a try, but she decided to focus on her running and jumping instead.

Running doesn't require as much practice for Diedrich. For her, that aspect of the sport is mostly about getting in shape and staying healthy. The triple jump and long jump require more work on technique, especially when her legs can be fatigued from running.

"The last couple years my jumps have been pretty consistent," Diedrich said. "There have been times where I'll take a couple jumps before a race and a couple jumps after a race and they're still pretty much stay the same."


At the beginning of the season, Diedrich set a goal of reaching the 16-foot mark in the long jump by the end of the season. She had a jump of 16 feet after just the second meet of the season this year, the Simpson Invite at UWS. In the first meet of the season, she broke her won school record in the triple jump with a distance of 33 feet, 9 inches.

"I'm just a competitive person," Diedrich said. "Every new sport I go into I always want to win, or at least do my personal best every time."

Roe said Diedrich is also a leader in the classroom and a role model.

She has a 3.88 GPA, plays volleyball, basketball and track, and is an active member in other extracurricular clubs.

"She leads by example, and that's where a lot of other kids really look up to her," Roe said. "Her leadership and work ethic have always been 100 percent. She works as hard as she possibly can and she leads by example. She really has a warm demeanor bringing in the freshman girls as a captain."

In track, Diedrich has improved upon her personal best marks each year. Now as a senior, she is putting up the best times and distances of her career.

"Her athletic ability is really awesome," Roe said. "It's not real often that track girls peak their senior year or get better each year. Christa has done that consistently."

At this year's Packy Invite Diedrich took first in the 55-meter dash, 800-meter run and triple jump. She also finished second in the long jump to be named the girls meet MVP for the second straight year.


Diedrich ran on last year's 4x400 state-qualifying relay team and was a state alternate in both her freshman and sophomore years. She hopes to return to the state meet this year, and judging by her season so far, it's a safe bet she'll be competing in more than one event.

SPARTAN SPIN: The SHS varsity girls are 5-for-6 as a team in meets this year as of Tuesday. Superior was initially recorded as finishing second to Esko in the Simpson Meet March 26, but one of the Esko athletes was found to be ineligible and had to forfeit her points for the meet, giving Superior first place.

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