Hunger takes no holiday

One of the hardest things about writing the Have Fun or Get Out of the Way column is arriving at a beginning that makes people want to keep reading. That's not an issue today: "We need your help!"...

One of the hardest things about writing the Have Fun or Get Out of the Way column is arriving at a beginning that makes people want to keep reading. That's not an issue today: "We need your help!"

Last Christmas, Lance was sitting in the north wing of the palatial Boyle estate. His son and daughter had opened presents; the turkey was in the oven; and Cassie the dog was lying at his feet. Dean Martin was singing, "Oh, the weather outside is frightful ... " and the room was a comfortable 72 degrees.

As he was sitting there thinking how lucky the Boyles were, he picked up the Superior Telegram and began reading about the plight of area food shelves.

He began thinking of the people who had no tree, presents, warm house or food for the table. Christmas morning, an idea forced its way into his head about how we can all participate and sleep better at night knowing we helped others.

Lance and Billy Enterprises, Inc., with the help of many great people, are embarking on a venture that can help those less fortunate.


The readers of our column and the citizens formerly of our area who still reside in Douglas County are some of the most generous when it comes to helping others. Everybody has their favorite cause, but I think you will agree the campaign we are starting Monday to run through June 30 is one that cannot be ignored.

Are you aware that 49 percent of all students in the Superior school district get free or reduced breakfast and lunch? Are you aware spring and early summer are very lean times for area food shelves? Do you know what it feels like when you don't know where your next meal is coming from? Are you aware how lucky it is that most of us are able to help others in need?

There have been food drives and there have been weight loss efforts throughout the years.

Lance and Billy are combining them with a goal to raise at least $10,000 for Superior and Douglas County food shelves. Money collected from incredible corporate sponsors and pledges made by our great readers in the weight loss part will set up accounts in Superior and Douglas County served by Second Harvest. Due to agreements with major U.S. food companies, the food bank is able to distribute $10 worth of food for every $1 we are able to give them. All money collected through donations, pledges, corporate partnerships and other activities go to purchase food for our food shelves. All of the food collected during our food drives will be donated to the food shelves not served by the Second Harvest.

The weight loss pledge is simple: You can e-mail Lance, a.k.a. Don Leighton, at or send pledges, payable to Hunger Takes No Holiday, to the Chamber of Commerce, 205 Belknap St., Superior WI 54880. Let us know how much weight you want to lose, and send us $1 for every pound pledged. By doing this, you have incentive to lose and you are contributing to the welfare of others.

With generosity beyond compare, the YMCA and three Super One Food Stores in Superior are allowing us to use their facilities for a food drive Monday-Feb. 21 at the YMCA and Thursday-Feb. 19 at Super Ones. Mike Kraft at the Y and Super One's Tom O'Neill are excited about helping people of our area and took the bull by the horns to help our cause. Nonperishable food items are collected at these locations.

Other corporate giants include Campbell Lumber, Wolff's Flower Shop, Superior Glass, Superior Water, Light and Power, Kintop Family Chiropractic, Play it Again Sports, Sauter Fairchild, UWS, WITC, and the Superior school district. Words cannot express our gratitude for these partners.

School Superintendent Janna Stevens, Celia Tarnowski of WITC, Melissa Nelmark and Krisi Patterson of UWS, Gina Grensing of the National Bank of Commerce and Dave Minor, the president and chief executive officer of the Chamber of Commerce (he deserves more than just a mention -- his advice, guidance and support make this endeavor possible - and Lance bothers him at all hours with questions that need answering) are doing everything they can to make this endeavor a success. Web sites and links will be set up, other events are planned for the duration of our fundraising to keep things lively and interesting, and prizes will be awarded from drawings for those participating in our weight loss portion.


The YMCA serves as the official site for the initial weigh-in and helps monitor your progress. During the last week of June, when we wrap this up, our first effort to help people adopt a healthy lifestyle and feed the hungry, and begin planning to make this an annual event in which Lance and Billy are proud to be involved.

We have asked health and wellness, exercise and fitness, medical, and nutrition experts to assist us, and they all jumped at the chance. Krisi Patterson of UWS, Cathi Austin of the YMCA, Dr. Pat Sura of the River Falls Medical Center, and Mary Mahan, registered dietician, will contribute tips to help our readers attain and maintain a healthy life style and will be published in the Telegram, along with progress reports. We cannot thank the Superior Telegram enough for their support.

Lance will be calling more potential corporate partners. The partnership is $150 that can be turned into $1,500 worth of food. Please consider helping. If we miss you, please e-mail or call (218) 391-0254.

Before you decide whether or not to join us, I challenge everyone to skip meals for 24 hours. Drink lots of water and eat if health is a concern but imagine what it is like for kids to go without food and not know when they'll have a meal. How do we expect them to learn in school? They are our future so for our future's sake, this is hopefully the easiest decision to make.

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