Failing to renew miscellaneous licenses issued by the Superior City Clerk’s Office on time is going to cost business owners more.

After a five-day grace period, the city will add a late fee of 50% of the cost of the license to the renewal charge. If it’s still not renewed 15 business days later, another 50% of the license cost will be added, which means the cost of the license would double.

That’s the new policy added to the city’s code of ordinances Tuesday, Nov. 2 by the Superior City Council.

“What we found out is that at the end of the year, our city clerk’s office is tracking down businesses that are not filling out their renewals in time,” said Councilor Craig Sutherland, a member of the license and fees committee that developed the late fees. “It becomes a headache.”

He said the goal of the late fees is to encourage business owners to renew licenses on time and help the city clerk’s office operate more efficiently.

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PREVIOUSLY: Superior committee establishes late fees for business licenses

City clerk Camila Ramos said she will notify license holders of the new late fee policy when she sends out renewal notices later this month for licenses that must be renewed by Jan. 1.

The new policy does not apply to liquor licenses, which already had an established $120 late fee.