The city of Superior is creating a way for the public to install benches in parks.

The bench sponsorship program was approved Thursday, Aug. 26, by the park and recreation commission. The Superior City Council will consider final approval when it meets Sept. 7.

Under the program, people or organizations can have a bench installed in the park of their choice for $2,000-$3,000, depending on the style and length of the bench.

“The cost of the pad is roughly $800-$1,000 and that was factored in,” said Linda Cadotte, parks, recreation and forestry director.

Benches in 4- or 6-foot lengths are available, and bench styles will be selected by the parks department to match others in the surrounding area. A plaque or engraving will be placed on or at the bench noting the gift to the city. Sponsors can place a bench in memory of loved ones.

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Cadotte said the bench makers provide the plaques and the size of the plaque depends on the length of the bench.

Benches will be installed from June to August each year when the exact location is finalized by the parks department.

A city crew will install the benches and guarantee it for one year. Benches will remain on site for a minimum of 10 years. They could stay on site longer depending on the longevity of the bench. Sponsors will have the first opportunity to replace a bench before the site is opened to new sponsors.

The city is not responsible for replacing vandalized benches.

“I already have someone waiting for the animal shelter,” Cadotte said. “They basically said get back to me when it’s been approved. They’re waiting to put a bench out in Bear Creek Park.”

A bench dedication ceremony will be held after the bench is installed if requested.

For information, call 715-395-7270 or email