Garbage trucks scattered around the city are about to become a thing of the past in Superior.

Starting Monday, Aug. 2, new routes concentrated in areas of the city go into effect and will result in a change for many when their trash is collected. Recycling every other week will follow the new trash schedule.

On Monday, everything north of Belknap Street and on Barker’s Island will be collected. Tuesday through Thursday, garbage trucks will move from the city’s westernmost neighborhoods to the east before moving to the southernmost reaches of the city on Friday.

The new routes were designed to provide backup in the immediate vicinity if a garbage truck breaks down and to balance collection efforts over the course of the week.

“The easiest to see benefit is that it’s just easier to understand,” Mayor Jim Paine said. “The map just makes so much more sense now.”

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He said the new routes are more efficient because it puts all the trucks in neighborhoods the same day, making it easier for other trucks to cover if a truck breaks down or if a driver is out sick.

“You don’t miss out on getting your garbage picked up the same day,” Paine said.

He said the efficiencies it creates will help save money in the landfill fund, which will keep the cost for trash collection, and the fees people pay, down.

Interactive maps available at allow residents to search for their address to determine what day of the week their trash and recycling will be collected.