A Douglas County committee wrapped up its work Monday, Jan. 18, on revisions to the county’s comprehensive plan and decided to give additional time for review before sending it to the county board in April.

The comprehensive plan is a guide to the social, physical and economic development of the county. It includes nine elements such as issues and opportunities; housing; transportation; utilities and community facilities; agriculture; natural and cultural resources; economic development; intergovernmental cooperation; land use and implementation. It's an advisory document to guide the decision-making process and will replace the current 573-page plan.

“Once we have the document recompiled, which should take no longer than 30 days, then we have to have a public hearing,” said Jason Laumann, deputy director of Northwest Regional Planning Commission. “Ideally, we would want a 30-day period before we held a public hearing.”

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He suggested a minimum of 45 days to give everyone an opportunity to review it.

Supervisor Sue Hendrickson suggested holding a public hearing in March, but a date hasn’t been set.

Laumann said notice of the public hearing will be published once the date is set.

“If people have comments at the hearing, then the board gets the comments and the board makes the decision ‘do we adopt based on these revisions’ or ‘do we send it back to committee,'” Laumann said.

“We’re making it through,” said Supervisor Nick Baker, chairman of the committee. “I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Elements of the revised plan are posted at nwrpc.com. Search for Douglas County comprehensive plan update.