Sometimes the issues the Superior City Council’s standing committees are asked to address don’t fit neatly within the scope of their responsibilities.

A new proposal from Mayor Jim Paine would create another standing committee to address those kinds of issues, and Tuesday, Sept. 15, the council will consider changing the city’s charter to create a seventh standing committee to address such issues: the administration committee.

The committee would consist of three councilors and one alternate.

Paine said it would provide a venue for issues that affect multiple departments or the administration of the city.

For example, Paine said, an administration committee would have been an ideal panel to discuss recent changes made to the city council’s agendas to eliminate redundancy and make the agenda easier to follow.

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The committee of the whole, consisting of the entire common council, would be an option, but the process can be cumbersome, Paine said.

While the city’s Human Resources Committee was the first to begin discussing possible changes to the city’s staffing levels, based on a study of the city’s efficiency by RW Management Group, not all of the recommendations in that report are related to staffing.

Paine said the administration committee would be an ideal place for discussions such as implementing a more efficient payroll system. While the human resources committee recently began discussion of the payroll system, it would also impact finance and information technology, the mayor said.

The administration committee, if created, probably wouldn’t meet every month but could help lighten the load of the city’s busiest standing committee, the finance committee, Paine said.

The council considers the proposal at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 15 in the Government Center boardroom.