The Superior Fire Department put prospective ladder trucks through their paces Tuesday, June 9.

The City Council on May 5 approved a 10-year-lease for a new rig to replace the department’s aging Engine 2. The cost for the lease is expected to be roughly $1.24 million. The city would buy the rig for $1 when the lease expires. Enbridge has pledged $120,000 toward the cost of the lease, $7,500 a year for 16 years.

Members of the fire department's equipment committee tested the aerial capability of two Pierce Manufacturing trucks Tuesday at the Enbridge energy terminal.

“We’re shopping around,” said Fire Chief Scott Gordon.

With the truck parked on the road, Gordon was able to snap a picture of the interior of a tank from the ladder bucket 100 feet in the air.

“The taxpayers have made a decision on how much they’re able to spend to replace a municipal fire truck,” Gordon said, but that comes with a set capability.

If area industries or businesses would like to see it come with additional capabilities, private funding would be needed. The new rig will be with the city for 25 years, the chief said.

“Once the fire truck is in place, who knows which business it will benefit,” Gordon said. “Think of all the ships we have in town, think of all the tanks we have above ground. Think of the rescue capabilities, the grain elevators, it’s endless.”

For a decade, the department has increased its abilities and equipment through public-private partnerships. Each contribution aids not only that business, but the entire city.

“We have an entire industrial protection arsenal,” Gordon said, giving an example. “Enbridge has bought us in the neighborhood of $600,000 worth of industrial firefighting equipment and expertise and that was used at the (Husky) refinery fire.”

He encouraged businesses interested in a public-private partnership to contact the fire department.