A stretch of road in Superior’s Billings Park neighborhood has a new name that may be familiar to folks who grew up in the area. The section of North 42nd Street between Albany Avenue and Billings Park Drive has been renamed “Charlie Allen Trail.”

Allen ran a farm just around the corner from the intersection that housed horses, pigs, geese, rabbits and goats. Originally established along Tower Avenue in 1887 by Allen’s grandfather, the farm was handed down to his father Monte, then to Charlie. It was relocated to Billings Park in 1955 and remained a draw for local youth until it closed in 1984.

The farm is currently owned by Allen’s daughter, Mary Lou Peterson of Minneapolis, Minnesota. She approached 9th District Councilor Keith Kern about renaming the section of road in January.

“For years people have asked our family about naming Albany Avenue and the trail (42nd street) to commemorate our dad, Charlie Allen,” Peterson said. “‘The Trail’ is perfect because so many people remember their horseback riding adventures through the woods there.”

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Most people she knows just call it “The Trail” already.

Kern brought the idea before the City Council March 17, and it was approved. The city street department said the sign was in place about a week later.

Peterson said she’d love to see the farm preserved. She envisioned it as a learning center and trailhead just a bike ride away from the municipal forest, complete with a chicken coop and horses.

People looking for more information on the farm can email Allenfarmwi@gmail.com or join the Charlie Allen’s Farm Superior Wisconsin Facebook page.

A 2014 Telegram article about the farm can be found online.