Address: 7677S County Road A.

Age: 61

Family: Married, one daughter, two grandchildren.

Business/Employment: Works for the Town of Summit.

Education: Bachelor of Science in forestry; associate degree in computer analysis.

Government and Civic experience or organizations: Summit Town Chairman; Amnicon-Dowling Lake Management Board; Tri-County Corridor Commission; County Board except two terms since 2005; delegate for Superior Days for 31 of 35 years.

Why are you running for County Board? "First of all, I have the time to attend the meetings. I enjoy doing it. I like the government service. I like doing that. I like to keep track of the things that affect us rural residents," such as zoning, UW-Extension and the Highway Department, he said. He added that he frequently attends those meetings to stay informed and share what he learns with the Summit Town Board.