Voters in the towns of Parkland and a portion of Superior decide representation for the Douglas County Board’s 15th District.

Incumbent Sue Hendrickson, 73, is facing a challenge from Jon Allen, 38. Hendrickson has served the district for 14 years.

“I'm not afraid to speak my mind,” Allen said. “I think I have new ideas and fresh perspectives I would bring, and I would work hard. I would be available to people … it's important to be present, be active and work for the people.”

Hendrickson said she stays active and has a lot of energy to give to fulfill the role.

“I'm interested,” Hendrickson said. “I'm curious, and people can count on me.”

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As a member of the County Board, Hendrickson said issues that are important to her are roads, water quality and continuing education for the community.

“It just takes an educated people for a strong democracy,” Hendrickson said.

Sue Hendrickson
Sue Hendrickson

Allen said his goals are to make sure people know who represents them so he can work for them and ensure that rural Douglas County is well-represented. He said with his connections in the community, he feels like he has a lot to offer the board.

“Me growing up here, I didn't even know who my county supervisor was,” said Allen, who grew up in Superior. “I want to get out there.”

Allen said continuous economic development needs to be a priority of the Board.

“We want to attract people to Douglas County,” Allen said. “By that, we can build up the tax base, therefore we don't have to raise taxes, raise fees and everything like that. I also think it's important to extend things such as broadband to rural Douglas County so we can attract businesses. Any improvements we can make to attract people to the county as a whole.”

Jon Allen
Jon Allen

Hendrickson agrees that economic development is important to the area and said she supports the proposal by Better City Superior — a business-driven group working to enhance economic opportunity — to develop an exposition district in Superior.

“The people that are pushing that are visionaries; we need to support them,” Hendrickson said. “We have a lot of opportunities to have big conferences here. We just don't have the facilities.”

Hendrickson said the Superior Area Hockey Association does so much to draw families into the community and additional facilities like that would be a real bonus to make Superior a destination.

“I've been a proven leader and advocate in many of the things I've done,” Allen said. “I can bring fresh perspectives, new ideas, and I feel it's time for change.”

Hendrickson said she has experience to offer.

“I have a lot of knowledge, and it's not something you get overnight,” Hendrickson said. “You can be more effective when you have that knowledge behind you.”