Voters have a chance to decide if drivers will be sharing most city streets with all-terrain and utility-task vehicle riders.

The Superior City Council approved an advisory referendum to be placed on the ballot April 7.

Voters will be asked: “Barring certain exceptions determined necessary for safety and subject to applicable state and local laws, should the city allow the operation of ATV (All-terrain vehicles) and UTV (Utility-task vehicles) on its streets and alleys.” A “yes” vote would indicate support for the proposal and a “no” vote would indicate opposition.

While the outcome of the election doesn’t compel the Superior City Council to act, Councilor Craig Sutherland said if enough voters want it, he would put forward an ordinance to allow access to city streets where safety and state or local law would not prohibit it.

Sutherland offered the referendum because he has heard people asking for more streets to be open for ATV and UTV use, and the vote will determine if it really is something the public wants.

Since September 2018, numerous streets have been used to create ATV and UTV routes that allow riders to access businesses and motorized trails around the city.