Amsoil Inc. claims the city owes the company more than $22,000 in property tax overpayments.

A pair of claims filed with the city states the company reached a settlement with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue that lowered the assessed value of two of Amsoil’s properties in Superior.

Based on the reduced valuations, the company claims it is owed $17,638 for over payments on the Amsoil Center and $4,453 for property in the 2200 block of Winter Street.

According to Douglas County records, the Amsoil Center is assessed at almost $9.5 million and the Winter Street property is valued at more than $1.69 million for the 2018 tax year, and the company paid $238,221.31 in property taxes on the two parcels.

The settlements with the Department of Revenue reduced those valuations to $9 million and $1, 537,290 respectively, which reduced the company’s tax burden.

“Our disagreement with Amsoil over their assessment goes back several years,” Mayor Jim Paine said. “These claims are relatively common. The city makes mistakes from time to time, especially on unique properties like this.”