Plans to create an 18-hole disc golf course in the Superior Municipal Forest are moving ahead.

The Parks and Recreation Committee approved installing the remaining nine holes and seeking sponsors to help offset the costs for installing and maintaining the course.

The first nine holes were installed late this summer to give the course a trial run.

“I just can’t thank the city of Superior enough for working with us and the way things went,” said Tyler Masseth of the Lake Superior Disc Golf Association. The association worked with the city to lay out the 18-hole course and install the first nine holes; it plans to continue working with the city as plans move forward to expand it next year.

Russ Behlings of the Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department said the association did about 90% of the work to create the first nine holes.

“We had great feedback,” Masseth said. “People love the area.”

The course was installed late this summer and the Lake Superior Disc Golf Association held its first tournament at the course in late September. Masseth said about 50 people participated in the tournament. In addition, he said a 10-member league plays there every Sunday and another 50 random people head out there each week to play disc golf.

“It’s definitely in the early stages of popularity,” Masseth said.

“It’s been busy out there,” Behlings said. “When we go out there to mow or do trail work, there is always someone out there.”

Residents have been satisfied with the nine-hole course, Masseth said. However, he said, a nine-hole course isn’t as much of a draw as an 18-hole course.

“Depending on how the city wants to proceed for next year, we can continue with the nine, making those possibly permanent,” Masseth said. He said other options include using an extra basket the city has to make it a 10-hole course and improving the flow at Hole 6 or moving ahead to install the remaining nine holes as originally planned.

Masseth recommended the commission consider sponsors for the holes along the course to alleviate maintenance costs and help with installation costs. He said he would be willing to find sponsors in addition to preparing the area for the next nine holes if the commission went that route.

“People like the area,” Masseth said.

The cost for the entire 18-hole course is estimated at about $20,000.

“You can get a whole 18-hole course for under 20 grand,” Masseth said.