Two-hour parking limits on Ogden Avenue from Broadway to Belknap streets has been around for as long as anyone can remember.

However, a proposal headed to the City Council on June 4 could change that.

Superior's Public Works Committee is recommending eliminating the time restriction at the request of the Superior Business Improvement District.

The biggest issue has been changes in the way parking has been enforced on Ogden Avenue, which is hit often, BID Director Lindsey Jacobson said.

"It's kind of sad to see Ogden Avenue pretty wide open and empty," Jacobson said. She said it can poses a problem for businesses and customers in the area.

"With the car dealerships - I know from personal experience - it's pretty tricky," Jacobson said. "Ogden Avenue is where dealerships have landed and you're there a little bit longer than two hours to buy a car." She said it is also a challenge when people drop off their cars for service. Jacobson said if a vehicle is dropped off at 6 a.m. and the dealership can't get to it until 10 a.m., the customer is likely to be cited by no fault of their own.

Wayne Kari, co-owner of Kari Toyota, said he's paid parking tickets for customers for that very reason.

Three dealerships are along Ogden Avenue, and according other business owners, are sometimes the only places where customers are parked.

Many of the businesses along the avenue don't have a lot of foot traffic, but the time limit creates a challenge for employee parking. Some business owners described setting an alarm to ensure they move their cars when parked on Ogden Avenue to avoid being ticketed.

The Public Works Committee approved eliminating the time restriction on Ogden from Belknap to Broadway streets.

Public Works Director Todd Janigo advised business owners that the restrictions will remain in effect for about a month. He said the signs will come down once the ordinance change needed goes into effect, about 10 days after the City Council approves the change.