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Council cuts garbage fee

Starting Jan. 1, homeowners will see a reduction in the fees they pay for garbage service in Superior.

Businesses and apartment buildings with five or more units will see an increase, but not as big an increase as was originally adopted by ordinance.

The City Council adopted an ordinance to replace the one that would have increased the cost for everyone by up $2 per month to $9.75 per can per month starting at the beginning of 2019.

Instead, the cost will go down to $7.25 per month from the current $7.75 per month per can.

Large residential units and small businesses, the cost will go up to $9 per can per month, but less than the planned increase adopted by the City Council in 2015 when the garbage fee was created for the first time to combat rising costs at the landfill resulting from a state-imposed tipping fee.

Councilor Dan Olson, who opposed charging a fee for garbage service, thanked those involved for the fee reduction.

Mayor Jim Paine promised the reduction to the fee during his "State of the City" address in April.