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Council tables ATV routes for now

The Superior City Council tabled an ordinance that would have created year-round all-terrain and utility-terrain vehicle routes on city streets.

The decision came after hearing the pros and cons for the plan introduced by Councilor Craig Sutherland to provide more opportunities to draw people to the city.

Residents opposed to the plan cited safety, noise and concerns about enforcement when riders don't follow the rules.

Bill Swenson of Superior presented the Council with a petition featuring 27 signatures opposed to the routes.

"They don't want ATVs and UTVs on their streets, and you might understand why — they add noise, they add safety issues," Swenson said.

"It's a nice, quiet neighborhood most of the time," said Romaine Meller, Swenson's neighbor in Central Park. "We've got a good neighborhood. This isn't going to help it, not for a second."

Central Park resident Carol Madden questioned where people would walk in the areas where there are no sidewalks.

Supporters cited the opportunities for people to access hotels, restaurants and gas stations in the city.

"I'm here to support the ATV routes in Superior," said Spencer Miller of East Fourth Street. "A lot of people have the perception of ATVers hot-rodding around, four-wheeling, making a mess and tearing up streets and ditches."

Miller acknowledged some of that does happen, but said many more are like his family and friends — they simply enjoy it for sport and a family outing.

Penny Wick of John Avenue said one of the winter route the city opened up went by her home.

"I've seen a lot of people that live in the county swung by my house," she said. "They were all very respectful. The would say hi if I was out sitting on my deck ... they'd slow down if the saw anyone walking for the alleys. I had no issues."

Bernie Conklin of Foxboro, president of SWORDS ATV club in Superior, said the club receives many inquiries about how ATVers can get in the city of Superior.

But an answer will remain elusive for now.

Councilor Brent Fennessey, who said he favors the routes in Superior, proposed tabling the matter to allow any councilor to bring up the matter again to reconsider some of the routes. The Council agreed to table the measure for now.

Sutherland said the most likely place the matter would come up again is the city's Public Works Committee, but no date has been set.

The Public Works Committee meets at 5 p.m. the third Wednesday of each month. Agendas for the committee meetings are posted at