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Oliver Companies awarded for energy savings

Sen. Janet Bewley, D-Delta, left, talks to staff from the Hampton Inn in Superior, Superior Water, Light and Power and Focus on Energy before the Hampton Inn received the Energy Efficiency Excellence Award.Jed Carlson /

When the Hampton Inn was built last year in Superior, energy efficiency was on the minds of designers and builders.

Efforts to improve energy efficiency are saving the hotel owned by Oliver Companies enough energy to power an average of 18.2 homes.

On Wednesday, the hotel near East Second Street earned the Energy Efficiency Excellence Award thanks to Focus on Energy, which nominated Oliver Companies for the award.

“When you exceed code for energy efficiency, there are incentives,” said Russell Liupakka, an energy analyst with Superior, Water, Light & Power.

Oliver Companies benefited from about $20,000 in those incentives for installing LED lighting and energy efficient heating and cooling.

“They built efficiently, and they’re keeping there costs down each month,” Liupakka said. “There’s incentives to help commercial and industrial customers to do that.”

Jolene Jensen, an energy adviser with Focus on Energy, said when planning for the hotel began, Oliver Companies reached out to them.

“We started talking to them about incentives and energy efficiency measures available for their project,” Jensen said. “They completed a management energy efficiency best-practices from lighting to HVAC to water heating and equipment … it’s great to have them work with us. We appreciate it.”

Nationally and internationally, people are going back and forth about the future of energy, said Sen. Janet Bewley, D-Delta. She said while they continue the debate, Oliver Companies is doing the right thing here in Superior.

“The most important work … is what we do in our own backyard because we know what we do here makes a difference in our own community,” Bewley said. “When you do the right thing and when you have organizations like Oliver Companies, all the different people come together to just do the right thing, because it is better for all of us. It’s better for the economy. It’s better for the Earth to just keep proceeding doing the right thing … that’s the default setting. We just do it the right way.”