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Landfill open to residents free in April

Now is the time to start planning to get rid of stuff.

Superior holds free landfill days 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. April 21 and April 28 for individual households in the city. Proof of residency is required.

Items that are accepted for free include household trash, brush, tires up to 18 inches, and grass clippings and leaves. Mattresses and box springs are also accepted but regular fees apply — $15 for clean, dry mattresses and $18 for damp, wet or heavily soiled ones.

Items that are not accepted at the landfill include recyclables, demolition and construction materials, electronics, appliances, batteries, fluorescent bulbs, motor oil and household hazardous waste. For disposal options, visit or call (715) 398-7222.

Remember the free Reuse Center for items in decent condition that may be useful to others. There is not charge for drop offs or pickups, but items dropped off must be checked by landfill staff.

The free landfill days are not open to contractors, landlords or business owners.

The annual citywide cleanup and brush pickup begins the week of April 30, starting in North End. The clean schedule is available at and the brush schedule is available at