Superior’s Public Safety Committee has come up with a solution for fast-moving vehicles on the city portion of the Tri-County County Corridor, which runs from Moccasin Mike Road to 44th Avenue East, and the Osaugie Trail to Loon’s Foot Landing.

It involves lowering the speed limit to 10 mph from Loon’s Foot Landing to Moccasin Mike Road and enforcing state rules when all-terrain and utility-task vehicles, and motorbikes encounter people and residential homes.

Councilor Jenny Van Sickle sought a reduction in the speed limit on the trails in response to concerns expressed by residents of the Itasca neighborhood.

The committee opted for a lower speed limit than the 15 mph Van Sickle sought because state rules require a 10-mph speed limit near residential properties.

Councilor Craig Sutherland said he was surprised to learn there were about 70-plus homes in the area that would require the 10-mph speed limit based on state rules.

“Every time I’ve gotten a warning in my car, it was when the speed limit just changed,” Paine said. He said a consistent speed limit would eliminate the confusion for riders.

Sutherland said he would have preferred 15 mph, but would support 10 mph for consistency’s sake.

“When I ride an ATV, I’m there to recreate,” Councilor Ruth Ludwig said. “Why would I want to speed up?”

“Because you’re not that guy,” Councilor Esther Dalbec said.

“I hear ATV riders over and over and over say they are law-abiding citizens … the whole idea behind this was giving people tools to succeed and make it less confusing to operate, and make our expectations as a city known as much as possible and clear,” Van Sickle said.

Sutherland made the motion to set the trail speed from Moccasin Mike Road to 31st Avenue East to 10 mph.

The change wouldn't affect speed limits on road routes, Sutherland said.

“We’re going to get a little bit of backlash on this and that is fine,” Sutherland said.

Police Chief Nicholas Alexander and City Attorney Frog Prell will draft an ordinance to reflect the change for consideration by the Council.