The Superior City Council renewed its support for an initiative to improve the downtown.

Councilors adopted a new resolution in support of legislation that would allow the city to create an exposition district.

Mayor Jim Paine introduced the resolution in advance of a public hearing slated for later this summer.

“We’re headed for a hearing on AB167 on Aug. 1,” said Bruce Thompson, president of Better City Superior. “I’ve got a busload of folks going down to testify.”

The bill, if adopted by the Wisconsin Legislature, would allow the city of Superior to create an exposition district and utilize a tax on food and beverages and a room tax to aid in the development of a center to be used for a center for conventions, expositions, artistic and cultural events, and other cultural and commercial activities.

Better City Superior, an organization of business leaders working to improve the city, has been working to utilize a law that helped pay for the expansion of Lambeau Field in Green Bay and develop the new Bucks stadium in Milwaukee. In 2016, the group garnered support from more than 75% of voters in a heavy turnout presidential election.

Last year, a similar measure, Senate Bill 727, garnered the support of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Small Business and Tourism by a bipartisan 8-1 vote last year, but the Senate adjourned the session a without a vote by the full Senate, which killed the bill.

Thompson said he sought the new resolution to account for changes on the Council since the city first gave its support in 2016.

Mayor Jim Paine said the resolution adopted Tuesday, July 2 is largely the same as the first one.