About 50 bicycles will find a new home during the annual Superior Police Department bike auction July 3-11. The online event will take place on twinportsbid.com and winners will be able to pick up their new rides July 12.

All proceeds from the sale will go to the Old Firehouse and Police Museum.

The bicycles being auctioned have been in SPD custody for more than 90 days. Some were found abandoned. Others were confiscated after the people riding them committed a crime and officers determined the bikes didn’t belong to them.

The best way to keep a bike out of police custody and off the auction block is to license it.

“If people licensed their bikes, we would have zero bikes in that cage right now,” Community Service Officer Mandy Hammer said. “We would be able to return all bikes to their owners.”

A city bicycle license is free and the form takes about five minutes to fill out, according to Hammer. But it can’t be done online. People need to go to the main office in the Government Center to register their bike. They should bring information about the bike with them, like make, model, year and serial number. The serial number can usually be found under the pedals on the frame.

In return, the bike owner gets a small sticker to place on the bike with its license number, and its ownership goes into the SPD database.