A vaping device was the cause of a Jan. 22 fire in a boys restroom at Superior High School, according to the the Superior Police Department.

The fire damaged a toilet paper dispenser and the plastic portion of a toilet seat, said a report written by high school Liaison Officer Jeff Darst. The fire also melted and burned the handicap access stall of the bathroom, which is off the commons area of the school.

A 15-year-old admitted to starting the fire, according to the police report. He told Darst and Officer Bradley Jago that he had been vaping in the bathroom stall and panicked when another student entered the restroom.

He told officers he tried to hide the vaping device by shoving it in the toilet paper dispenser. When it started on fire, he said he pulled the vaping device out, flushed it down the toilet and exited the restroom. Video from cameras in the school show the student walked back to his classroom, getting there about the time the fire alarm sounded. Police did not find the vaping device.

Principal Rick Flaherty and school administrators were able to put out the blaze with fire extinguishers. Students and staff were evacuated for about 15 minutes while the Superior Fire Department ventilated the school.

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Superior School District officials said the fire caused approximately $700 in damage, with most of that being the cost of labor to clean up.