Estey wins round one of Como Modified

Kelly Estey rebounded from a difficult time the night before and won the first race of the $30,000 Como Oil & Propane WISSOTA Modified Series Monday at the Proctor Speedway.

Kelly Estey rebounded from a difficult time the night before and won the first race of the $30,000 Como Oil & Propane WISSOTA Modified Series Monday at the Proctor Speedway.

Estey started the 30-lap main event on the pole position leading the 25-car field to the green flag.

Estey grabbed the lead over Jason Miller and pulled away. Jayme Lautigar was third ahead of Jeff Hart and Duane Dale. Miller and Lautigar battled for second with Miller finally breaking free.

Miller then set out to track down Estey and began to reel him in. As the event proceeded with no stoppages, Miller drew ever closer until he was right on Estey's tail. When Estey committed a slight bobble it was enough for Miller to slip by. The event proceeded past the midway point without a caution flag until lap 18, when Andy Miskowic's No. 27X shucked the drive shaft out in turn two bringing out the first yellow flag.

The restart was single file with Miller leading Estey and Lautigar. Hart and Jacobson ran fourth and fifth. Dale, Wood, Schultz, Darrell Nelson (who had worked his way forward from his 18th starting slot) and Tyler Keyser were the top 10 at that point. The caution flag again appeared when the No. 55 of Wood was tapped in traffic and spun into the infield off turn two. Dale was tagged with the incident and sent to the back of the field.


At the green the order remained the same, and further back Keyser tried the high side to gain an advantage but lost eighth to Nelson. Miller continued to lead with Estey right on his bumper poised to regain the lead should Miller make a mistake. On lap 21 the opening Estey was looking for materialized and he drove through to take the lead and went on to take the win and the lead in the Como Modified Series points. Miller, Lautigar, Jacobson and Hart finished in the top five. 2006 Series Champion Nelson came home seventh.

Jeff Tardy raced his way forward from the fifth row to grab the 20-lap WISSOTA Super Stock feature victory.

At the green flag it was a mad scramble up front among six cars. Mike Bellefeuille took the initial lead from the pole with Sunday night's winner, Butch Butcher, blasting up from the third row to second. Sam Skalsky, Steve Estey and Jay Kintner were in the mix. A tangle off turn two saw Eric Nelson forced off the track. The restart saw an attempt by several drivers to occupy the same space resulting in Estey sliding off turn three. At the green flag Bellefeuille continued to lead Butcher and Skalsky while John Copp, Scott Lawrence and Ryan Aho battled for position. Butcher made the pass for the lead but another caution flag flew for debris on the front stretch.

On the ensuing restart, a scramble for the lead resulted in a punctured tire for Butcher, forcing his retirement. Skalsky came out of the turmoil with the lead while Tardy moved up to fourth. Just at the halfway mark the order stood at Skalsky, Bellefeuille, Lawrence, Copp and Aho. With three laps remaining the final caution flag appeared and on the restart Tardy was able to take over the lead and pulled away from Skalsky for the win. Bellefeuille, Lawrence and Aho finished in the top five.

Andrew LaBarge and Scott Larsen ran wheel to wheel for the lead at the beginning of the 15-lap Pure Stock feature with Larsen leading lap one and LaBarge the second circuit. The top six ran in a pack and Andrew Jarvi quickly moved from fifth to second. Just as the crossed flags signaled the halfway point, a tangle in turn four slowed the action.

At the restart, LaBarge held the lead over Jarvi, Rick Kesty, Larsen and Jeremy Fink.

At the green flag, Jarvi squeezed into the lead only to have what would prove to be the final caution flag appear for a multi-car tangle in turn four. When racing resumed LaBarge was back on top and held off Jarvi for the win. Kesty, Sunday's winner Tony Ciurleo and LaRae Ralidak finished in the top five. It was a great drive for Ralidak who had begun the event from the 15th starting spot. Early leader Scott Larsen finished sixth and Isaac Hudson, Al Rapp, Chad Carlson and Jon McKinnon rounded out the top 10.

Results Proctor Speedway Monday May 28th


Como WISSOTA Modified Series (46 cars)

Gondik Law Office Heat races

Heat 1: Jeff Woods, Tim Alexander, Bob Broking, Jodi Olson, Don Copp, Marc damjanovich, Kevin Adams, Kyle Gavel, Dano Ostrander. DNF: Marc Johnson. Heat 2: Rick Jacobson, Jad Carlson, Paul Schultz, Jeff Spacek, Joey Jensen, Scott Hudack, John Carpenter, Travis Zollar. DNF: Mark Blood. Heat 3: Tyler Keyser, Duane Dale, Jody Bellefeuille, Darrell Nelson, Nick Nelson, Pat Doar, Jim Chyba, Ricky Roche, Skeeter Estey. Heat 4: Jeff Hart, Jayme Lautigar, Andy Miskowic, Brad Hanson, Dave Cain, Rick Cannata, Dean Yrjanainen, Steve Lavasseur, Ross Lightner. Heat 5: Kelly Estey, Jason Miller, Bill Byholm, Justin Jones, Al Uotinen, Eric Bjorkland, Jeff Ruzich, Rick Rivord.

Fortune Bay Resort & Casino B Mains

B Main: N. Nelson, Copp, Uotinen, Cannata, Chyba, Hudack, Ruzich, Ostrander, Lavasseur, Zollar, S Estey, Adams DNF Checkalski.

B Main: Cain, Doar, Jensen, Rocche, Damjanovich, Lightner, Yrjanainen, Carpenter, Rivord, Johnson Gavel, Blood. DNF: Bjorkland.

Taco John's Pole Dash: Estey, Lautigar, Miller, Dale, Hart, Wood, Keyser, Jacobson, J. Carlson, Alexander

Provisional: Al Uotinen.


Mid States Equipment 30-lap Feature: Estey, Miller, Lautigar, Jacobson, Hart, Schultz, D. Nelson, Wood, Broking, Cain, Keyser, Alexander, Bellefeuille, Byholm, Spacek, Copp, Jones, Uotinen, Doar, Dale, N. Nelson. DNF: J. Carlson, Hanson, Miskowic, Olson.

WISSOTA Super Stocks (44 cars)

Heat 1: Jay Kintner, Eric Nelson, Bobbie carlson, Zach Wohlers, Jeremy snow, Jay Kuras, Art Hyde, Bryan Lund. DNS: Frank Befera Heat 2:Jeff Tardy, Steve Estey, Robbie Cooper, Mark Keppel, Gary Cornelison, Kevin Eder, Dennis German, Adam Long. DNF: Mike Vajdl. Heat 3: Scott Lawrence, Butch Butcher, Wayne Striker, Tom Treviranus, Donnie Lofdahl, Ronnie Malecki, Luke Strandlund, Louis meglen, Steve Carlson. Heat 4: Sam Skalsky, John Copp, Bruce Shouvelle, Bruce Johnson, Todd Carlson, Andy Davey, Shane Hawkinson. DNF: Dave Flynn, Andy Grymala. Heat 5: Ryan Aho, Mike Bellefeuille, Tyler Kintner, Dody Evenson, Derrick Vesel, Tridell Champlin. DNF: Kevin Salin, Scott Sertich.

B Main: Treviranus, Kuras, Hawkinson, Malecki, Lund, Evenson, German, Meglen, Cornelison, Champlin, T. Carlson, Wohlers, Grynmala, Sertich, Vajdl. B Main: Vesel, Davey, Johnson, Lofdahl, Eder, Hyde, Flynn, Strandlund, Keppel, Long, Carlson. DNF Salin. DNS: Snow, Befera

Feature (20 laps): Tardy, Skalsky, Bellefeuille, Lawrence, Aho, B Carlson, Hawkinson, J. Kintner, T Kintner, Copp. Davey, Nelson, Vesel, Kuras, Treviranus, Striker, Johnson, Shouvelle.. DNF: Butcher, S. Estey.

Pure Stock (29 cars)

Heat 1: Jon McKinnon, Jeremy Fink, scott Larsen, Tim Carlson, Zene Anderson, Dan Larsen, Rick Cornelison, Jeff Engelmeier, James Armstrong Tasha Rapp. Heat 2: Tony Ciurleo, Al Rapp, Andy LaBarge, Richard Dzelak, Dale Reynolds, Jeff Tormondson, Pete Ciurleo, Marke Korte, Caitlyn Carlson, Dan Follett. Heat 3: Andrew Jarvi, Troy Wiseth, Rick Kesty, Isaac Hudson, LeRae Ralidak, Chad carlson, Jacob Morinville, Matt Hammitt, Frank Westlund.

B Main: P. Ciurleo, Chad Carlson, Tormondson, D. Larsen, Korte, Armstrong, Westlund, Engelmeier, Follett, Morinville, Cornelison, Caitlyn Carlson, T. Rapp. DNS: Hammitt


Feature (15 laps): LaBarge, Jarvi, Kesty, T. Ciurleo, Ralidak, S. Larsen, Hudson, Rapp, Chad Carlson, McKinnon, Dzelak, P Ciurleo, Fink, Anderson, T. Carlson, D. Larsen, Korte, Tormondson, Wiseth. DNF: Reynolds.

Sunday's Results

Pure Stocks

Heat 1: 1. Gene Anderson; 2. Troy Wiseth; 3. Jeff Christman. Heat 2: 1. Glen Dammer; 2. Richard Bezlak; 3. Al Rapp; heat 3: 1. Tony Ciurleo; 2. Jon McKinnon; 3. Jeff Tormondson. Heat 4: 1. Dan Larsen; 2. Isaac Hudson; 3. Bob Greenwood.

1st semifeature: 1. Andrew Labarge; 2. Tim Carlson; 3. Dave White.; 2nd semifeature: 1. Larae Ralidak; 2. Rick Kesty; 3. Jacob Morinville; feature: 1. Ciurleo; 2. Dammer; 3. McKinnon.

Super Stocks

Heat 1: 1. Art Hyde; 2. Scott Lawrence; 3. Jay Tintner. Heat 2: 1. Butch Butcher; 2. Dody Evenson; 3. Shane Hawkinson. Heat 3: 1. Jeff Tardy; 2. John Copp; 3. Eric Nelson. Heat 4: 1. Darin Meierotto; 2. Tom Treviranus; 3. Jeremy Snow. Heat 5: 1. Jay Kuras; 2. Ronnie Malecki; 3. Jeff Forseen.

1st semifeature: 1. Ryan Aho; 2. Derrick Vesel; 3. Donnie Lofdahl; 2nd feature: 1. Bobby Carlson; 2. Sam Skalsky; 3. Zach Wohlers; feature: 1. Butcher; 2. Meierotto; 3. Tardy.


Midwest Modifieds

Heat 1: 1. Bill Matzdorf; 2. Randy Vezina; 3. Deven VanHouse; heat 2: 1. Skeeter Estey; 2. Nick Lavato; 3. Al McDougall; heat 3: 1. Greg Chesley; 2. Jesse Ogston; 3. Mark Kangas; semifeature: 1. Ricky Davis; 2. Chad Larson; 3. Jeremy Hall; feature: 1. Kangas; 2. VanHouse; 3. Chesley.


Heat 1: 1. Jodi Olson; 2. Duane Dale; 3. Paul Schultz; heat 2: 1. Darrell Nelson; 2. Tim Alexander; 3. Nick Nelson; heat 3: 1. Bobby Broking; 2. Justin Jones; 3. Scott Hudack; heat 4: 1. Billy Byholm; 2. Jeff Hart; 3. Ross Lightner.

1st semifeature: 1. Tyler Keyser; 2. Ricky Roche; 3. Brad Hanson; 2nd semifeature: 1. Jason Miller; 2. Kelly Estey; 3. Rick Jacobson; feature: 1. D. Nelson; 2. Hart; 3. Jacobson.

Late Models

Heat 1: 1. Jeff Massingill; 2. Steve Vesel; 3. Aaron Lillo; heat 2: 1. Kyle Peterlin; 2. Jeff Provinzino; 3. Terry Lillo; heat 3: 1. Nick Musel; 2. Kelly Estey; 3. Todd Gehl.

Feature: 1. Estey; 2. Peterlin; Provinzino.

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