Substitute teachers and family engagement coordinators in the Superior School District could see a bump in pay in the 2021-2022 school year.

The Superior School Board will vote Monday, Aug. 9, on a new salary scale for substitute teachers. The new rates, if approved, would rise to $75 for a half day, $150 for a full day for short-term teachers $77.50 and $155, respectively, if they are a retired or current teacher from the district. Long-term substitutes would receive $87.50 per half-day or $175 for a full day.

Family engagement coordinators, formerly known as parent involvement coordinators, would see a $2 per hour base wage increase, rising across 10 steps, if an updated salary schedule is approved for the 2021-2022 school year. The new salary schedule would start coordinators off at $12.50 per hour and top out at $16.19 per hour for step 10 employees.

The part-time position, which is funded through Title I, has been underpaid for a long time, board members were told.

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“We’re excited about this,” said Director of Curriculum and Instruction Crystal Hintzman. “This is long overdue.”

The wage is still lower than what someone could make at a fast food restaurant, board member Laura Gapske said.

The district’s goal is to have one family engagement coordinator at each school. Hintzman said they are exploring the possibility of having one coordinator work with a number of schools to make it a more attractive position.

Free bus fares explained

In other business, the district learned more about an agreement with the city of Superior and the Duluth Transit Authority (DTA) that will allow Superior students and staff to ride DTA buses for free. Director of Transportation David See said the agreement will allow students to ride the DTA for free not only to school, but anywhere.

“So this will open up opportunities for kids. Maybe they live in North End, but they want to work somewhere else that isn’t in North End. They can now get on a DTA bus, and they have an opportunity for employment out there,” See said.

Many children may never have ridden the bus prior to this. The experience could make them lifelong bus riders.

“It’s just showing how this is a win for everybody,” See said.

In addition to traditional buses, he said, the agreement covers free transportation for students with disabilities through the DTA’s STRIDE para transportation.

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