Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College is looking for a change to better convey the two-year technical college’s mission.

The WITC Board of Trustees adopted a timeline that will lead to a new name and mascot starting in the fall of 2021.

“We look at our branding every 10 years,” said John Will, president of WITC. While the district has a lot of information about the people who decide to attend the technical college, he said they don’t have a lot of information about those who don’t attend.

So WITC worked with CLARUS Corp. to gather more information.

What officials learned is that one-in-five people living outside the district associated the initials of the technical college with the call letters of a radio station.

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Only a little more than one-third of people in the district recognized “Indianhead” as a geographical location, and that recognition diminished with younger people and residents outside the district. One-quarter of 18- to 34-year-olds associated Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College with a tribal college.

Half of the groups surveyed rated the technical college’s name as out-of-date and no one surveyed rated it strongly as modern on a five-point scale.

The new name will be selected from suggestions made by students, alumni and the community.

Will said officials are appointing a leadership committee, which will include students, to decide the new name for the college and what the new mascot will be. He hopes to announce the new name and mascot by August 2021.

“Our college has been consistently ranked a top two-year college in the country,” Will said. “We believe this rebranding effort presents an opportunity to bring clarity to who we are and what we do while also modernizing our image.”