Encouraging all students to pursue high academic levels is the goal behind a new policy adopted Monday, Sept. 14 by the Superior School Board.

The policy sets the stage for the school district to pay all costs for Advanced Placement course fees for students. In the past, the district only refunded course costs to students who scored three or higher on the final tests. Families would pay the $94 test fee in the fall and would be reimbursed in the spring.

Removing the fee encourages more students to take AP courses by removing barriers, district officials said.

In the 2019-20 school year, 267 students took a total of 347 AP courses, roughly 20% of the school population. This year’s numbers rose by more than 100 students. When students registered for classes in February, 396 students signed up to take 483 classes after a deliberate effort to talk to students about the importance of the classes.

According to the policy, socio-economic status should not impede academic pursuit.